Doctor And Jasbir (Hindi Joke)
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Doctor to Jasbir: Ab aapki tabiyat kaisi hai. Jasbir : Doctor saheb Pehle se jyada kharab ho gayi hai. Doctor : Dawai khali thi kya? Jasbir : Nahi doctor saheb. Dawai ki shishi to bhari hui thi. Doctor : Are Jasbir ji mere kehne ka matlab hai ki, dawai le li thi kya. Jasbir : Ji, aapne dawai de di thi aur maine le li thi. Doctor: Abe, dawai pili thi kya? Jasbir : Oho, nahi doctor saheb, dawai to lal thi. Doctor : Abe GADHE, Dawai ko piliya tha kya? Jasbir : Nahi Doctor, Piliya to mujhe tha. Doctor( in frustration) : Abe teri to, Dawai ko muh lagakar Pet me dala tha ke nahi? Jasbir : Nahi doctor saheb. Doctor : Kyon? Jasbir : Kyonki dhakkan band tha. Doctor : Teri, to Khola kyon nahi. Jasbir : Saheb, aapne hi to kaha tha ki, shishi ka dhakkan band rakhna. Doctor : Tera ilaz main nahi kar sakta.....!!! Jasbir : Accha Doctor saheb ye to bata do ki main thik kaise hounga



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  • Guest 10 years ago

    the words intended to rhyme and pun are quoted.

    "dawai khaa lee thhee kyaa" translates to "did you take medicine?"

    "khaa lee" means "intake" whereas "khaali" means "empty" so jasbir understands "khaa lee" as "khaali" and tells doc the medicine bottle was not "empty"!

    then the doc rephrases his question:

    "dawai pee lee thhee kyaa" translates to "did you drink the medicine?" actually jasbir couldn't drink because those must've been tablets. but the doc wants his diagnosis so he changes the mode of sentence formation.

    jasbir then answers, "dawai to laal thhee" meaning the medicine was red in color. here "pee lee" means "to drink/drank" (a liquid). but "peelee" means "the color yellow". so again our dude wrongly interprets and answers so.

    then the doc asks jasbir if he put the medicine in his mouth and gulped it down to his stomach. naturally, our man isn't amused. so he answers in negative because the doctor had told him to keep the lid of the bottle "always closed".

    that's one kind of punny humor seldom, or, rather, rarely seen in hindi jokes. nevertheless enjoyable!