DonateYourPC: Project To Give That Old PC A Better Use
Sunny • onInformation 9 years ago • 2 min read

DonateyourPC was started with the aim to provide free computers to poorly funded schools and NGOs who cannot afford to buy their own computers. It is a platform to take usable but outdated PCs which usually end up being given off as junk and giving them to needy organizations that can put it to better use.

DonateyourPC (DYPC) was started by four software professionals in June 2008 in Bangalore. Since then the group has increased to a size of 37 volunteers spread across Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Their operation is quite simple. As a donor one has just has to register their donations in the DonateyourPC website ( As soon as a NGO contacts the group asking for a PC, the donor will be contacted. The donor's contact details will be kept confidential and will only be provided to the requestor after his/her consent.

Similarly, a requestor has to login and register their requirements in the site and also provide the reason for their request. The requestor will receive the PC as soon as a donation matching their request is found. They can also check the donations offered page in the site and choose a particular PC.

Since its inception, DYPC mostly had individual donors but this year they aim to expand their reach. They expect to attract more corporate donations whose contributions might help increase the total volume of donations. They also expect to attract more volunteers in other cities as presently most requests made outside the current cities cannot be fulfilled. These volunteers will be needed to verify the details provided by the requestors and to make sure that the PCs donated to them without any hitches and also to spread the word among the NGOs in their cities.

It is an amazingly simple yet effective initiative which; with proper support from donors and requestors alike; will help the students of these institutions acquire computer literacy so coveted in our age.

To donate, request or to volunteer please visit their website at



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