!!!! Dont Cry Daddy... !!!!
Sunny • on 10 years ago • 1 min read

She was only a child and was filled with forlorn Her Mother had left, a new chapter is born Watching her Pa being both Mother and Dad He done all he could although he still looked so sad!

Scared of his hurting she suffered alone She crept up the staircase to be on her own Hands both together in prayer she did weep Then drifted away into a wonderful sleep!

In dreams she is rocked like a ship on mild sea All of her worries now letting her be Away from all harm where no one could go Gently and calmly she rocks to and thro!

Something stirs in her to open her eyes Now she awakens in arms which are wide A beautiful vision of a lady in white Rocking her gently and whispering Sleep tight!

She drifts back to sleep and then wakens again Refreshed and so happy no knowledge of pain She goes down the stairs as light as a kite Then whispers "Daddy don't cry, it will soon be alright!"


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