Don't Miss Taare Zameen Par
Vijaya • onEntertainment 11 years ago • 1 min read

Friends, this movie "Taare Zameen Par" deserves and should be the biggest blockbuster of 2007!!!

Lots & lots of people should see TZP!!! It's Fantastic!!!!!

Please ask all your friends & family, call them, sms them, send e-mails, add to your blogs, send scraps, mail to those group mails (Like this)..Let the message spread for the benefit of our society (especially children)..

Its high time guys. Let the film industry know that cinema itself is a very powerful medium & this is the way to use that power!!!!

This is the cinema we want! So, let's start making people aware of it..

Some people don't bother to open an e-mail but they do read the subject line, so make sure your e-mail, scrap, etc.'s subject says "Don't Miss Taare Zameen Par"...

Hail Aamir, Hail Taare Zameen Par!!!!

Such a wonderful movie!!!! Hats Off!!!!!


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  • Amit Jain 10 years ago

    Hi Vijaya,

    I have seen this movie 2-3 times with my friends and family,,,this is really a nice movie, and Amir is my favorite actor..

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