Download BitDefender Internet Security 2010 For Windows 7
bruceatoz • onIt & Systems 9 years ago • 2 min read

Be one of the best internet security facility, BitDefender Internet Security now has released the new 2010 version, which is improved more than before. In the new BitDefender Internet Security 2010, it has added more protections, such as: Signature based protection, Active Virus Control, Heuristics in Virtual Evironment.

You can Download BitDefender Internet Security 2010 for your Windows 7, BitDefender Internet Security 2010 download size is about 114 MB. The installation package is clean and there is no malware bundled with this antivirus facility. Following installation wizard will save you a lot and it is also easy to uninstall with only click. This software could run on most of Windows platform including Win2k, XP, Vista (32 &64 bit), and upcoming Windows 7. So you do not worry if this tool could be compatible with your system.

Moreover, the same with other internet secure software, BitDefender Internet Security tool also will alert users that what issues the user need to fix, and press suitable button will help you repair the secure problem as soon as possible.

When first tried BitDefender Internet Security 2010, it would ask you to scan your computer automatically and set a firewall rule for every known program you run on PC. And if there is any malware detected, it will kill it and remove from computer immediately. So you can use computer with confidence with this internet security tool.


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