Dreams Are More!
Sunny • onGeneral 13 years ago • 1 min read

Dreams are more Your life's dreams are more than just places to go, people to know, things to acquire, and experiences to have. Your dreams express who you are.

Behind every dream is a purpose. That purpose is, and always has been, yours.
And so, in a very real sense, every sincere dream you have is already yours. And you are already in the process of living it through.
The tokens and outer appearances of that dream may not yet be completely manifested. Yet within you, that dream is fully alive and real.
The more time, commitment and energy you give to that dream living on the inside, the more solid and apparent it will become on the outside.
There is no need to wait for your dreams to be fulfilled, for you can begin this moment to fully live and express the essence of those dreams.
Your life's dreams are valuable not so much for what they get you, but rather for how they express your own unique purpose.
Live that purpose in every moment, and you'll know that dreams really do come true.


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