Dreams Do Come True
Sunny • on 9 years ago • 2 min read

i'm sitting here writing, and thinking of you. i love to love you it's my favorite thing to do

i love this feeling, this feeling they call love god sent me an angel straight from heaven above.

he sent me an angel so gorgeous and sweet god sent me you and you swept me off my feet.

you got here to earth and walked right up to me you said,angel i love you you think you could love me?

at first i was scared wandering what do i do i was falling so hard i was afraiad to love you.

so i nelt down and prayed and ask god what to do he said go ahead and love him i sent him to you

i sent him to love you and hold you when you cry he's going to make you happy until the day that you die

i then made my decision and thanked the lord above for sending me this angel and for sending me someone to love

so then i walked up to you with my eyes full of tears i told you yes,i can love you i said it perfectly clear

i promised to love you and stand by your side and you promised to dry up all the tears i had cryed

i promised to be faithfull and promised to be true i promised to be there and to always love you

so i'll end this with saying that dreams do come true god sent me an angel and that angel is you!


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