Dysentery Causes And Symptoms And Home Remedies For Dysentery
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Dysentery is a mucous inflammation that occurs mainly in the colon area, though it does occasionally affect other internal organs. It is an unpleasant symptom but rarely fatal and is usually easily cured. It caused by parasitical worms entering the system and settling in the affected organ.

These worms are bought to life by a build-up of acidity resulting from amongst other factors, poor diet, a bad combination of diet, consuming moldering foodstuff, tobacco smoking and disturbed sleeping patterns.

There are two types of dysentery: 1. Bacillary Dysentery: The patient feels the urge for passing the stools frequently. The stools are marked by a bloody flux. 2. Amoebic Dysentery: It is caused by the germ Entamoeba Histolytia. It gets into the intestines with dirty food and causes inflammation. It gradually becomes chronic and then it is difficult to treat.

Causes of Dysentery : The cause of dysentery, according to modem medical system, is germ infection. The germs, which are supposed to cause dysentery only develop in the colon as a result of putrefaction there of excessive quantities of animal protein food, fried substances, over-spiced foods and hard to digest fatty substances. The real cause of dysentery is thus dietary indiscretion and eating of excessive amounts of flesh food in hot weather or tropical climate unsuited to the digestion of such foods. Other causes include debility, fatigue, chill, lowered vitality, intestinal disorders and overcrowding under insanitary conditions.

SIGNS and SYMPTOMS 1. Frequent loose motions. 2. Blood, mucus or sometimes both are found in the stool. 3. Appetite is poor at the time of this infection and a person affected with dysentery might suffer from fever. Patients feel quite restless and weak. 4. Vomiting is also associated with dysentery. 5. A pain in lower abdomen is also experienced by many people.

Home remedy for Dysentery: 1. Wood apple is very useful in dysentery. The soft pulp of the fruit should be taken twice daily. 2. 50 gm Yogurt mixed with small amount of honey 3 times a day gives fast relief. 3. Herbal decoction is prepared with two tablespoons of dried out coriander seeds, and taken with pure water or buttermilk, the intestinal inside layer is soothed, and the amount of mucus in the stools declines. 4. The use of pomegranate rind is an added effectual preparation for dysentery. About 60 grams of the rind should be boiled in the 250ml of milk. It should be detached from the fire when one third of milk has evaporated. It should be administered to the patient in three identical doses at appropriate intervals. 5. Apple is also considered advantageous in the management of acute and chronic dysentery in the kids.

Diet tips for dysentery 1. Black pepper : Taking black pepper is useful for patients of dysentery. 2. Basil : The use of basil leaves mixed with sugar cures dysentery. 3. Bel : Ripe bel syrup provides a successful treatment for dysentery with mucous. It clears the bowels effectively. 4. Water : A glass of hot water taken regularly after meals is good for patients of amoebiasis. 5. Rice : For patients of dysentery, rice is a good diet. 6. Dates: Taking dates with curd is beneficial.

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