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Online Money Earning yes you can Earn Money Online and Without Any Investment or without any time limit. I have many useful easy method for earning easy money while we all spent our useful time on internet by surfing, chatting, downloading and other works. We can use internet earn with fun just give a little time inside other work. There is no need to stop any other work. We can earn with or without our daily routine. Here I tell you the complete method for online earning.

Before getting you to get bored anymore, let me tell you straight- the first and the simplest way to make money online without spending a dime for free.

Running a Website Monetization means adding Paid Per Click advertisement programs like Google AdSense, Bid Advertizer, Yahoo publisher network or add text links, or to include banner spaces for sell etc on you website. Can setup free sites like blogger or googlespot. Become a professional blogger and setup ads on site to earn money.

Freelance Writer Write articles for cash. Many website authors are looking for freelance writers for unique content. Search freelance sites for the job works related.

Sharing Links Sharing links on ur webiste or blogs or social network increases the traffic of the product or site of the advertiser. You can share any kind of links like of a website link or celebrity’s blog link, or video or an image link, an mp3 link, an informative article link, or even a download file link.

Sharing Files Online Some file sharing servise are paying for sharing files online through their website. The payments depends on number of downloads.

Paid To Click These sites pay money for just clicking on Advert and nothing more hidden job they want form us. Several sponsors around the globe wants to advertize their Products or Services online on world wide web or just wants more traffic to their websites, so they simple pay money to these ptc sites and we as a member of these ptc sites view the sponsors website or products by clicking on the adverts and then these ptc sites will pay us money online by means of E-Currency (PayPal/AlertPay Money) for simply just clicking on advertisement.

Traffic Exchange In traffic exchange we visits others sites and earn money and credits. A window will open containing a time counter on the top with a websites and this time counter last for few seconds.

Paid Survey Everyone who wants to make funds on the internet knows about survey. It is the first answer which someone will give if we ask him which is the possible way to earn money on World Wide Web. But the popularity of this business attracts more frauds people who make many scam websites where people desperate to make money waste their time and earn nothing else then aggravation.

Playing Games If you are good in playing videogames then you can also try to make wealth out of it. This way will be best for you. The trusty website given below allows their members to play free money game where they move in the virtual world.

Forum Discussion There is no per day restriction on earning cash. More you discuss is more you make money. There are so many category of interest like music, online jobs, skin care n health, education, business and others. So you can discuss on your category of interest. For answering questions raised by other community members.

Paid Reviews As from the name itself you can understand that in this way you will be paid to write reviews. You can write reviews on the given product or on an organization or on a websites service.

Note: Content edited on receiving complaints (We don't suggest or advise any sites for earning money online, its upto the readers).

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  • Mika DDovel 4 years ago

    hi! PureBITS.net is a pay per download website founded in June 2013 which pays up to 25$/lead. You get paid when someone downloads your files by filling a survey, comission you earn differs depending on the country and on the offers which that visitor completes. Also there are two more ways to earn money: use link locker to shrink links and get paid for each unlock or widget which is a great tool to block your file download directly on the website and earn at the same time.

    PureBITS.net is owned by KROGERTEK SRL in Romania. We are not hiding, we don't want to cheat anyone, our details are public and we are a serious company! We don't want to say we are the best or the highest paying or anything else. What we can tell you for sure is that if you have a problem you will be answered by our staff either on our forum, using the contact form or support center ( 8:00 to 21:00 GMT+3 ) and any suggestion you have will be surely taken into consideration by our tech dept. At the moment we have over 1.7k offers for all the countries and we're still adding offers. We are working with affiliates and also we have our own advertisers (a few for the moment but good). We are working daily to improve the website and we are always open to suggestions. We also have a referal program that gives you 5% of the person's you refered earnings for life. The payments are NET-7 using PayPal or Wire. Any questions you have I'll be happy to answer you.

    Features: - Average earnings per download are 0.67$ (this is a network average). - NET-7 payments. - Rapid response support in maximum 24 hours. - Link locker to short your urls and get paid when someone completes a survey to pass to the content you shortened. - Widget tool - can be used on pages/websites and increase your earnings and conversions. - Payment methods are PayPal and Wire Transfer. - Refer other and earn 5% comission on all their earnings. - Custom offers system - you can adjust the offers as you want for widgets and each mirror (adding now). - Multi language supported on download pages (developing). - Download pages with mobile platform.

    We enjoyed being online from June 2013, we've never missed a payment and want to thank everyone who trusted and used us. We are always happy to get suggestions about new things or improvements, also if you need something to be adjusted just drop us a message and we will do our best to honor your request. If you have any questions please contact us on contact page, by ticket or post here.

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