Easy Diet For A Teenager
Andy Zephirirn • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 3 min read

When it comes to teenagers changing what they eating is not very easy, there mindset is usually I am young nothing can stop me. This is very true but in some cases its not, many teens are overweight and are in diet need of a diet. So you ask what is a Easy diet for a teenager then I will tell you. It basically consist of watching what you eat.

You must keep an eye on what you consume, even if it means the kid next to you is enjoying there grease soaked hamburger toy must have patience and keep to your goal. A good rule of thumb is to eat by yourself for a while until you get the hang of things, this will increase your rate of success. In two weeks top of doing this you will have the dedication to withstand all your friend eating a a whole pizza pie in your face, now that takes dedication.

Now what you eat is very important, it is quite obvious to stay away from fatty foods such as pizza and burgers but you should also stay away from white grains this should be replaced with multi or whole grains, this is not only good for you but very nutritional. In the beginning you will be quite skeptical but once you are off your diet you will see yourself reaching for these grains a lot more.

Good health does not only consist of grains and avoiding fatty foods one should increase there plant intake. A Easy diet for a teenager would mean eating lots of fruits and vegetables, but you should already know this from being a child. These natural plants give every nutrient available, from the potassium driven banana to the iron filled legumes, make sure to go for seconds.

A very important supplement when going on a diet is protein, this important nutrient can be found poultry, fish and eggs but can also be found in peanut butter. Be sure to watch how you cook them though, stay clear from fatty substances such as butter, oil and sodium. You should also take the skin off, you have no idea how much fat is hidden inside.

So you see how easy it can be, it's nit hard at all. An easy diet for a teenager is not attainable but can be mastered all it takes is a little bit of patience. Oh, and I forgot one final key be sure to drink plenty of water and stay away from sodas and unnatural juices but you should already know that.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    I agree Karen, teenagers are very hard to work with when it comes to things that take commitment. It's hard for them to accept healthy diet plans and stay on them once they do. Hopefully if your teenager wants to lose the weight, they will accept it and stick with it.