Easy Steps To Keep Your Relationship Sizzling
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 2 min read

There are several ways you can keep your sex life sizzling. Relationships require work and sex is an important part of the relationship. If you start to get frequent headaches, fall asleep before he comes to bed or stay up after he has gone to bed I can imagine your sex life is going to suffer.

There are a few easy steps you can take to make sure you never lose the sizzle in your sex life. The first is to make sure your lover knows you still find him attractive; the little compliments go a long way and finding 10 seconds each day to compliment him on his looks or his muscular body. Taking the few extra minutes to give him a nice loving kiss or two through the day or evening to let him know you love and care about him and shall we say hot for him!

Take the time to put on a sexy dress and let him know you still feel good about yourself. Cuddling on the couch in a sexy, thin piece of material that doesn’t cover much will keep him interested. If you start parading around in your flannel pajamas or an old tank top and granny panties he’s going to lose a little of his sizzle.

Invite him to take a bubble bath or a shower with you, treat him to a soapy massage then lead him in to the bedroom. It’s pretty much a given that men are able, ready and willing to have sex at any time. Surprise him by initiating sex, and then shock him by taking control.

Many women don’t realize that men like to be taken control of in the bedroom; it’s actually a huge turn on for most men to be worked over by the woman. Have your way with him, and then let him have his way with you.

A lot of times couples take sex for granted and it becomes just another part of the relationship something you do three times a week and twice on Saturday. If you want to keep your sex life sizzling you need to mix things up a little. Go here for tips on how to talk dirty


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