‘Eclipse Flight’ On 22nd July 2009
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I wanted to inform you of one of the Major Development in the field of Indian Space Sciences and Astronomy as well Aviation history!!

‘Eclipse Flight’ on 22nd July 2009.

Under the technical guidance of Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum (ECa), the eclipse sphere of SPACE, Space Technology & Education in partnership with Cox and Kings is flying a passenger eclipse flight.

The 'Eclipse Flight' is a dedicated, non-stop, round eclipse flight, from Delhi to Delhi. This is the first time in India that a passenger flight will be undertaken to see the eclipse.

The greatest eclipse of the 21st century is occurring on 22nd July 2009, in the thick of the monsoon season with all the clouds. Why not fly above the cloud tops at level four-one-zero to have a clear view of the eclipse?

A brand new JetLite 737-700 aircraft has been specially chartered to fly under the lunar shadow. The aircraft has 21 ‘Sun Side Windows’, and 21 ‘Earth Side Windows’.

The eclipse flight will last for approximately 3 hours, take off from Delhi and will land back at Delhi. The flight will take off, fly towards and hold over Gaya till its eclipse time.

41000 feet above ground! Its an "eclipse observing location, so unique" that you can look up to the eclipse in the dark blue sky and can also look down upon the green and white earth with the lunar shadow sweeping beneath you at 15 mach! Watching the corona at that height looks brighter, it’s an electric phenomenon. It’s a grandstand view of Nature's most beautiful celestial phenomena.

Eclipse chasers sitting along the Sun Side windows (starboard side, right side of the aircraft) of the aircraft will be able to photograph the eclipse; while the chasers sitting along the Earth Side windows of the aircraft will be able to photograph the Lunar Shadow moving over the Earth’s cloud top. It’s going to be a truly moving sight. Passengers on the Earth side windows will also see bright Jupiter suddenly visible just above the horizon.

Interested in chasing the eclipse? Then contact fast, as the Sun Side Window seats are getting eclipsed quickly!!

The complete Brochure is here: http://www.eclipsechasers.org/eclipseflight/Solar_brochure.pdf



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