Education And Scholarships From USA
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USA from decades has remained one of the most popular destinations for studying. Most of the top ranked universities in the world are located in USA which includes Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, Yale and many more. International exposure, world class education, top universities and ample career opportunities are a few reasons for such popularity amongst students. Universities in USA receive large number of applications every year and as per the stats more than 700,000 international students come to USA for their higher education. And out this number more than 70,000 students are from India.

The reputation of Universities & Colleges in USA and high standards of education is the reason for there popularity amongst students and employers as well. Colleges in USA provides number of courses in different fields which gives ample options to students for selecting the best course as per there interest. These universities offers wide range of courses in various fields which include science, finance, fine arts, animation and multimedia and many more.

There are number of Indian students amongst other international students who come to Study in USA. Most of the students opt for course like Bachelor degrees in engineering, commerce, science, computers and business and Masters in business, finance and management. However, it is not a cake walk for Indian students to get admission in Universities in USA. There are many factors that come before student finally gets admission.

The biggest factor is financial support. USA is one of the developed economies in the world and living standards are on a higher side in USA. Supporting the educational while staying in USA becomes very high on one’s pocket. There are various options which help in supporting education in USA like scholarships, financial aid, trust loans and many more. As per the recent reports scholarship of more than $ 7 billion was awarded to more than 670,000 international students in USA.

There are various scholarship and financial aid which are provided by the universities and other organizations which students can consider for supporting there higher education. Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of various factors like academic record, achievements in sports and other activities, special talent and etc. To attain a scholarship students have to face a very stiff competition beside that there are financial aids available as well which students can consider. Financial aids are provided on the basis of student’s need. There are various factors which are considered when you apply for financial aid like financial assets, family income and other factors. There are a few scholarships that students must consider while applying for studying in USA. 

  • AAUW Education Foundation International Fellowship: This fellowship is awarded to international female students. It’s given on the basis of outstanding leadership ability and to those candidates who are expected to give effective leadership in future.
  • Agency for Health Care Research and Quality: The scholar ship is given to students of social, medical, management or health sciences.
  • American Foundation for Aging Research: Fellowship Awards for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students of biology, cancer, biochemistry, or biophysics in the aging research.
  • American Society of Civil Engineers: Administering various scholarships for undergraduates and graduates who study or conduct research in civil engineering.
  • Geological Society of America: Grants for graduate students to support masters and doctoral thesis research in geological science.
  • Elizabeth Green shield Foundation: Grants for young artists working in the following areas: painting, drawing, print making, sculpture.
  • Georgia College & State University: International student scholarships are offered to international students each fall and spring semester. 

These are a few option that students must consider while they are looking for financial aid or scholar ships to foster there education in USA.


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