Effective And Proven Ways To Lose Lower Stomach Fat
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Extra fat is always burned from all over the body. The way fat is lost and how much weight is lost, depends person to person.

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy and fit. There are various exercises for losing body fat. People claim that specific exercises aimed at specific areas of the body help, but this is not true. When workout, one cannot control the area of fat loss. Doing spot loss is generally not possible. Fat is always burned from all over the body. Everybody has a different body formation. The way weight is lost and how much weight is lost, depends person to person. It depends on the genes.

One of the main problem area for many people is the lower stomach fat. For women the stubborn areas are mostly the hips, thighs and stomach area. For men, the main problem area is the stomach and the love handles. Lower stomach is the area from below the navel to the pelvic area. Fat in this area is difficult to lose. For losing lower stomach fat, the fat needs to be burned with proper exercises and diet control.

It is very important to club exercises with an appropriate diet. Else, the workouts will not help. If one is working out daily and then eating junk, fried and unhealthy food which is low in nutrients and high in calories, it is of no use. One will not be able to lose weight this way. The human body needs minimum 1200 calories per day. It is different for men and women, but one should not reduce the intake of calories lesser than 1200 per day.

For losing the flab and fat from the lower stomach, keep a check on the intake of calories. Keep a food log. Change to healthy eating habits slowly. Another way is to keep a check on your food portion sizes. It is said that eating in a smaller plate is beneficial. Chew your food slowly so that the meal is more satisfying and you don’t end up eating more than your body needs. Avoid over eating. Eliminate processed food from your diet and eat smaller meals through the day rather than three large meals. Never skip breakfast, as that is an important meal of the day.

Take an early and light dinner. Include lot of greens and leafy vegetables. Eat salads and fruits. These are nutritious and will help in reducing the extra fat. Eat less salt as too much salt retains water. Avoid fried food and sugar.

Apart from food care, exercising is extremely essential. Regular work outs boost the metabolism of the body which in turn helps burn the fat. The different forms of exercises that can be done to lose the lower stomach fat are cardio, weight training, aerobics, Pilates and yoga. Walking, jogging, running, cycling and swimming are very good ways to work out your body. These help in toning the body. Go for brisk walks daily, start off with a distance you can do comfortably initially and then increase every day.

Take the stairs instead of the lift to burn extra calories. Small changes like these will help immensely. It is important to give the body some recovery time when you work out every day. Do the exercises slowly for maximum benefit and keep changing the sets. This way you end up burning more calories. In yoga certain asanas and pranayam are extremely effective for this condition.

The reasons for putting on fat on the lower stomach could be genetic, not much of physical activity, post pregnancy, indigestion and bad food habits. Your body and genes decide how much fat to lose and from where. Some lose it easily while some take more time. Don’t give up.

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