Effective And Proven Ways To Lose Neck Fat Fast
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The body can store the fat cells in your neck area and give you a fat neck. Neck fat can give one an unsightly double chin. Excess fat in this area could be a hereditary issue or an age factor. Sometimes it depends on the structure of our jaw bones also.

If you want to lose neck fat fast, you will have to aim at losing fat from your whole body. This is simply because you cannot choose a spot on your body and reduce fat from there. The parts of your body are connected and the body loses weight from all over. To lose neck fat, following a cardiovascular workout is a good option. Cardio work outs for at least 30 minutes per session will increase your heart pumping and boost your metabolism.

This will burn calories and help you reduce the accumulation of fat. Start off with either walking, jogging, running or cycling. If you have a thick neck, chances are that you are overweight, so start exercising to get rid of the extra fat on the body which will eventually slim down the neck area also.

Some neck strengthening and toning exercises are as follows:

Rotation - Sit down and rotate your neck slowly from one side to other. Start the rotation from right to left and then from left to right gently. Do this a few times and then take rest as this can make you feel dizzy.

Back Tilt - Sit down and tilt your head back slowly making your neck stretch. Hold in this position for a few seconds and then come back to the original position slowly.

Side Tilt - Sit on a chair and keep your head straight. Slowly tilt to the right side near to the right shoulder and then slowly bring it back to the straight position. Now do the same on the left side.

There are resistance exercises like the forward, backward and sideways resistance for strengthening the muscles too. Do these toning exercises as much is comfortable. Take care not to strain the neck as doing too quickly or doing too much can cause a neck injury.

Apart from sticking to an exercise routine, to lose neck fat fast, it is essential to follow a healthy diet. While the burning of calories can be done through physical exercises, the intake of calories can be controlled by controlling what you eat. Eliminating junk food and colas can help in cutting down the calorie intake immensely. Switch to healthier options like grilled food instead of oily greasy food. Increase the consumption of salads, fruits and vegetables. Last but not the least, drink plenty of water to keep to keep the body hydrated and to prevent water retention. When the body is deprived of water, it retains water and causes the body to bloat up, so in order to prevent this, keep drinking water.

Another way to lose neck fat fast is to opt for surgery. This option costs a lot of money whereas the same result can be obtained naturally by exercising and healthy eating.

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