Effective Indigestion Cure And Natural Dyspepsia Treatment
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Indigestion is a common problem and it is also known as dyspepsia. Know the natural treatment to cure indigestion.Feelings of fullness while having meal, uncomfortable fullness after a meal or pain in upper abdomen are symptoms of indigestion. It is common in adults and it may occur once in a while or as often as everyday.

When these symptoms persist for a very long time, it is important to consult a doctor for diagnosis. Sometimes indigestion is caused due to some disease in digestive system. It is most probably caused by peptic ulcer, cancer or abnormal function of pancreas or bile ducts. Whenever indigestion is caused due to these diseases medical supervision is very important. Usually indigestion heals when these diseases are cured.

If the cause of indigestion is unknown and digestive system is healthy, it may be due to relaxed or squeezed behavior of stomach muscles. It is well known that stomach digests and moves food into small intestine. When stomach muscles are relaxed or squeezed, it will not be able to move food into small intestine and indigestion will occur in the area where stomach meets the small intestine.

Normally, indigestion is caused by overeating or eating hurriedly, eating food without chewing it properly, lack of exercise, eating half cooked food or due to stress. When these faulty eating habits are corrected, symptoms of indigestion disappear. For people suffering from stress are advised to work on stress reduction. Build habit of exercising regularly as it will not only reduce stress but also it will help in proper digestion.

Sometimes when indigestion disturbs normal daily routine; these remedies will be very helpful.

  1. Papaya is very helpful in the process of proper digestion. It also cleans stomach by increasing bowel movements. Take one bowl of papaya regularly.

  2. The following mixture is effective on indigestion. Mix one tablespoon of ajwain with half teaspoon of rock salt. Have this mixture whenever you feel indigestion.

  3. Take one glass of lukewarm thinned butter milk, add two teaspoon of fresh coriander juice. Drink this solution whenever you want to relieve indigestion.

  4. For proper digestion of food, add two or three teaspoon of cinnamon in one glass of water. Drink this mixture after an hour of meal. Cinnamon will help in the digestion of food quickly and easily; and it will also help stomach to move digested food into small intestine.

  5. Prepare a mixture of following ingredients. One and half teaspoon of grinded coriander, 1 teaspoon of dried and powdered ginger, two or three pieces of clove and three seeds of cardamom. Eat this mixture whenever you feel gas or indigestion.

  6. Mix one tablespoon of soya oil with one tablespoon of garlic oil. Gently rub your abdomen with this oil. It is helpful in curing indigestion.

The above mentioned remedies are quite very effective in most of the cases. Whenever symptoms persist more than 3 weeks; consultation of medical supervisor is recommended for diagnosis of other diseases of digestive system causing indigestion. Correction in faulty eating habits will be very helpful. Do not eat hurriedly, prefer to take smaller mouthfuls, chew every mouthful properly. Work out regularly. Exercise is very helpful for both our digestive system and our body. People with hectic schedule must reduce their stress level. Reduce the amount of caffeine rich drinks such as tea or coffee. Restrict drinking alcohol and also quit smoking.

Whenever a disorder like indigestion is treated with both natural remedies and lifestyle change, result will be in the form complete cure of the health related problems. So try to be nice and helpful to your body.

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