Effective Natural Cure For Frigidity In Women
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Frigidity in women refers to a lack of sexual desire. This condition is often a result of some physical or psychological factor. Frigidity can not only affect the woman but also her partner and strain their relationship.

A woman may not be able to feel any sexual drive due to psychological reasons. If she does not feel loved, secure, relaxed and refreshed, she may tend to get stressed or be depressed. This can lead to a low sexual passion in the woman. Most women will lack an interest in lovemaking if they are tired, anxious or over worked.

Other conditions like pregnancy or post pregnancy can also lead to frigidity in women. Hormonal changes can cause vaginal dryness which can also be the reason for a low libido. Other physical causes maybe some under lying medical condition which can be diagnosed with a visit to the doctor.

There are various ointments and gels available for lubricating the vagina to enhance sexual pleasures. Testosterone therapy can be used to cure frigidity in women but it has many negative effects too. Some capsules are also available in the market which claims to increase the sexual desire in women. Natural cure for frigidity in women is safer to try out because there is no side or negative effects. They can be followed safely and do not cost much.

Some of the natural cure for frigidity in women is as under:

  1. Oil: Consumption of oil in the diet is helpful for increasing lubrication of the vagina. Include olive oil in your diet.

  2. Avocado/Nuts: Consumption of avocado and nuts is beneficial in this condition.

  3. Vitamin E: Vitamin E along with zinc is required for proper working of the sexual glands.

  4. Chives: Chives contain the minerals which are required by the body to produce sex hormones.

  5. Wild yam: Wild Yam is an aphrodisiac which is a natural cure for frigidity in women.

  6. Damiana: This herb aids in stimulating the sexual organs. It is a popular and safe herb and is also known as a woman’s sexuality herb.

  7. Ginseng: Ginseng is an aphrodisiac which stimulates the sex organ thereby giving pleasure. It is a good tonic for the general health of the body too.

  8. Kava Kava: This is helpful reducing the nervousness and depression and in enhancing the sexual feelings.

  9. Exercise: Exercising regularly will help one feel better about her body. This will aid in increasing your stamina and thereby your libido.

Many of these herbs have a positive impact on the reproductive system, boosting the libido therefore increasing the pleasure during lovemaking. Intake of minerals and vitamins are also essential for the proper functioning of the reproductive system, therefore maintain a healthy well balanced diet.

Women should take out time for them and pamper themselves once in a while. Getting a massage or having a relaxing bath can help to lower the stress levels. Avoid red meat and sugar and include fresh eggs, sprouts and pumpkin seeds in your diet. You can also take herbal supplement Fantasy capsules.

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