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Diabetes is treated by ensuring that a diabetic patient has normal blood glucose levels. Thus avoids complications in long and short term. A diabetic patient controls his blood sugar levels by ensuring a proper balance between supplies (does the value rise), medication and / or insulin (do the values fall) and movement (does the value fall). Stress, growth, disease, may also reduce blood glucose levels.

Diabetics must check their glucose regularly. They do this by a drop of blood sampling (usually in a fingertip) and the blood measured with a blood glucose meter. So they can see if their glucose is too high (hyperglycemia), low (hypoglycemia) or normal.


The treatment of diabetes type 1 and type 2 differ. In type 1 diabetes are treated by taking insulin or using an insulin pump. Insulin in pill form is also possible.

Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in overweight people. Therefore, they strongly advised to lose weight. A weight loss of 5% can sometimes be enough to reduce insulin resistance. Subsequently, patients are often given antibiotics to stimulate the pancreas to make more insulin. This medication makes the cells more sensitive to insulin. Only when this is no longer sufficient to maintain blood sugar levels, insulin will be administered.

The pancreas is a glandular organ in the abdominal cavity. One of the tasks of this institution is to produce digestive enzymes. The pancreas is also a group of cells called islets of Langerhans, which produce and secrete insulin. In diabetic patients, these islets of Langerhans, or insufficient, and there is no or insufficient insulin is produced.

Insulin and glucose

The carbohydrates in our food (starches and sugars) are absorbed by our body and converted into glucose. This is a fuel that our body with energy. Insulin transports glucose and further ensures that the glucose is converted into energy. There is little or no insulin, so that leaves behind too much glucose in the blood. This distortion in our bodies. Types of diabetes

• There are two types of diabetes: diabetes type I and type II diabetes: • Type I diabetes is caused by the destruction of the b-cells in the pancreas which normally secrete insulin. These patients require insulin injections to survive. Type I diabetes is not caused by obesity or by eating lots of sugar. • Type II diabetes is often a consequence of obesity. Thus the body will not produce insulin or does not respond anymore on insulin.

The symptoms of type I diabetes:

• Frequent urination and excessive drinking • Many hungry • Many lose weight for no reason • Tired and weakness • Difficult to see • Difficulty breathing • How to live with diabetes?

How to live with diabetes?

The doctor will assist you when you're dealing with Type I diabetes, he will explain how to administer insulin, how much and how often. And you need to frequently test glucose in your blood and you must keep to a diet.

If you're good to obey the rules of the doctor does, there is type 1 diabetes to live well.

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