Effects Of Menopause Medications That You Ought To Know
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While you go through menopause, you certainly feel lot of new things happening to you, some tolerable while some very troublesome. There are different menopause medications or treatments that can help you control the symptoms but some medications come with many side effects and can cause other complications.

The effects of menopause medications are both good and bad. If you know the potential effects of menopause medications and treatments, you will be in a better position to find the ones that suit your conditions more. You can get prescription drugs as well as natural therapies to control the symptoms.

The widely used medication for the symptomatic treatment of menopause is HRT, or Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is also called Estrogen Therapy. This therapy consists of estrogens or a combination of progesterone and estrogens.

It is an established therapy for hot flashes but it can also helps build bone mass, improves cholesterol level, reduces fracture risks, prevents some urinary disorders, and also helps in treating other vaginal discomforts.

The ugly side of this therapy is an increased risk of heart attack, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer. Moreover, there is higher risk of developing blood clots, increase in triglyceride levels, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, and gallstones. Knowing the undesirable effects of menopause medications, one must never attempt self-medication, especially in estrogen therapy; always consult a doctor.

Using birth control pills to get relief in premenopausal stage has some benefits and side effects too. It should only be used under some medical supervision.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is gaining it popularity as hormone therapy to get relief from the troubling symptoms. These hormones are created in a laboratory using natural plant products. Many talk in favor of such products but relevant studies have yet to be conducted to find out the long-term effects and effectiveness of these hormones. These hormones resemble those that our body produces. This product still surrounds with many controversies.

Vaginal estrogen is given in low dose in form of cream that is inserted as a pill in the vagina to help vaginal dryness and to restore its elasticity. Its lower dosage seems to help, and does not meet with significant controversies.

Other prescription medications include Clonidine, Antidepressants, Neurontin, etc. While they seem to work well to reduce the symptoms, they also cause some side effects on the other hand.

The effects of menopause medications may vary from case to case and their use must be advised by the health experts only.

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