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Sunny • onCareer & Job Skills 12 years ago • 3 min read

Finding employment opportunities has never been easier than now- with the consistent and constant growth of the Internet. Using the Internet, job seekers can simply find vacancies of their choice in the location of their choice. With a simple click of the mouse, a huge list of job opportunities is literally at their fingertips.

Once upon a time, the only way job seekers can find jobs is by browsing the classifieds section of the paper. This method of job seeking is not only tiring (what with the small prints) but it is limited within the area where the job seeker is residing. Job seekers who wish to find employment outside of their state or county will have to get their hands on classifieds of the state itself. Although this is not an entirely tough thing to do, but at the end of the day, you would have to sort through a huge stack of newspapers just to find the job that you want!

One of the most amazing things about finding employment on the Internet is that job seekers can sign up a membership account. Membership accounts are usually free, but with the free job seeker account, the options are limited. With a paid job seeker accounts, you'll have more freedom and can place more information and details into your portfolio. However, millions upon millions of people have successfully found their dream jobs by using the free membership accounts offered by these employment agencies.

With an account with the employment website, the job seeker can place their personal information, contact details, education history and history of employment directly into the website's database. Some employment websites even allow job seekers to place their recent photos into the database, which is useful to the employer, for verification purposes. With the entire resume placed in the database of the employment website, the job seeker searches through the database of vacancies in the website. A simple search can be done through the employment website's search engine. You can fine tune the search by category, location, country, area of expertise, job type, and more. Interested job applicants with their resumes in the database will only have to log into their employment account, click apply, and the resume will be automatically sent to the potential employer.

Compare this with the way things were done about a decade or more ago; in order to apply for a job, you have to type a whole cover letter individually, print out your resume and send it by post. Although this task is not very hard to do, but it limits the choices of the job seeker down; and the process is slow, if the application actually reaches the employer or not. The postal industry did not have such a smashing record at that time.

As you can see, finding employment on the Internet is not only free, it's extremely convenient. On top of that, you can search, browse and apply any time you want, irregardless of whether it's office hours or not! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - the employment website is available to every single one of their job seeker members.


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  • alan gordman 9 years ago
    So far so good. Sure finding jobs on the internet has never been easier but I tend to think that there are also disadvantages here and I speak from lived experiences. The conveniences of applying for jobs in the internet comes for everybody so the employer can find that there are thousands of resumes for a certain job post. This makes it difficult to select the right candidates, in many cases my resume has never been reviewed... The road to a reliable employment contract is not that easy, even with the help of internet.