End The Unhappiness Feeling In Your Relationship - 10 Steps Checklist
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Are you in an unhappy relationship? How can you change the negative atmosphere you are surrounded by to the happiness you know you deserve? Actually you can change this atmosphere by confronting the negative aspect that seems to be keeping you down. This is especially true when dealing with relationships.

There are so many emotions and feelings that you deal with when you are in an unhappy relationship, experiencing a break up or divorce. But many do not know how to stop the unhappiness in the relationship.

The following 10 steps can help you figure out why this seems to be such a problem with your mate.

Step 1 - Jealousy This is the first thing that people should realize causes problems. However, it is one of the last one. How can you defeat this emotion? You can do it by remember to rejoice those who succeed with their accomplishments and rejoice it with them. You need to try and remember that being jealous is quite pointless and is pretty much self-defeating.

Step 2 - Overcoming Obstacles You have the ability to change the course of your life… to good or bad. Everyone knows that there are obstacles placed before them and the success to overcome them center on the capability to do this. Overcoming the negative parts is one way to stop the unhappiness in your relationship.

Step 3 - Taking Responsibility You cannot control everything, whether good or bad, in your life. However, we can control the emotions that you use to those situations. The best thing to do is to own up to your failures while growing up and learning from it.

Step 4 - Being Perfect You should know that being perfect is not a possibility though many people do try. You can stop fretting to be perfect because you are only human not a machine.

Step 5 - Being Reasonable Many people are blessed with reasoning skills. By having this skill, you can accomplish anything but at the same token, it can cause you to over think about things and aim for perfection again. Yet, reasoning cannot improve every situation.

Step 6 - Negativism You need to remind yourself that there are positive forces and negative forces at work. What you focus on, good or bad, based upon the choices you make.

Step 7 - Giving Benefit Where There Is Doubt You need to realize not everyone is a bad person. You can guard your emotions and your feelings but sometimes you can be overly cautious and defensive. It is necessary to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Step 8 - Self Esteem Issues Remember to be aware of all the encouraging accomplishments and qualities. If you should recognize your own problem areas, lean toward correcting them.

Step 9 - Self Efficacy Issues You have the ability to attain any kind of object you wish. If you want to stop the unhappiness in your relationship, facing it head on does work.

Step 10 - Meaningful Feelings Remember to follow your heart and put some meaning into it and your life. It can lead you to fulfilling your desires.

You're unhappy in your relationship and how can you define unhappiness? It is a mental state that can be overcome as you long as you can control it. To stop unhappiness in your relationship, you can remember these ten destructive steps that can lead you out of the despair that you may feel.

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  • Teecee Go 8 years ago
    when a break up happen it's important for you to learn how to get over your ex. There are some techniques you can learn to move on with your life so you wont feel unworthy or low self-esteem anymore.