Energy Giving Foods For Instant And Sustained Energy
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Food rich in carbohydrates should be taken in ample quantities, especially for athletes or those with work that are stressful and very physical. Your body breaks carbohydrates down into the simple sugar glucose, which is used to give energy or will be stored for a short time in muscles and liver in the form of glycogen or animal starch. Extra glucose in our body is transformed as fat and may cause obesity.

The molecules of carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms and even starches and sugars. Refined cane sugar is a major source of carbohydrates, and is consists of sugar sucrose, the sweetest of the natural carbohydrates. Refined sugar does not make you feel full just like other carbohydrate foods and could be possible cause of tooth decay. You must eat sugar and honey only in small amounts.

The hormone insulin is vital for the oxidation of glucose the process of yielding energy for the body. When not enough insulin is generated and this may lead to diabetes. Starches should be in your carbohydrate intake. The best sources of starches are bread, oats, rice and beans. To make our diet balanced eat more bread and potatoes and less meat, fat and refined sugar. Cakes, biscuits, and puddings produced with white sugar and flour do no harm, but should not form bulk of your diet. Choose good alternatives like carrots and sandwich that is low in fat.

Energy Giving Foods

1) Blackberries contain loads of antioxidants and vitamin C. Antioxidants helps to protect your body against environmental damage; like the sun & pollution and damage caused by extreme exercise. Snack on them at lunch time or throw a handful into your morning cereal.

2) Fish contains the very good Omega 3 Fatty acids which are a great benefit to your heart and your brain. They can aid the fight against depression and mood issues as well as decrease arthritic pain and help prevent cancer and even Alzheimer's disease.

3) Almonds are not really a 'nut' but rather the seed of a fruit. Very high in Vitamin E and Magnesium. The also contain very powerful antioxidants and monounsaturated fats that are good for the heart. These seeds also contain calcium, promoting healthy, strong bones, maintains blood pressure and good metabolism.

4) Bananas come from a plant that is related to the lily and orchid family. They are high in potassium and vitamin B6 and C. A lack of Vitamin B6 can result in irritability and insomnia as well as fatigue. Potassium regulates your blood pressure. Potassium also helps muscles function well during exercise. NOTE: if you are on a low carbohydrate diet, avoid bananas as they contain plenty carbs, rather go for another fruit as they all have fantastic benefits.

5) Lentils are high in dietary fibre. They also help to maintain blood-sugar levels and stop them from rising rapidly after a meal, but don't skimp on energy output. They contain two B vitamins and a number of minerals. Great for your heart and lowering cholesterol & High in Iron which helps carry oxygen to your cells.

6) Oats are incredibly high in potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as loaded in B complex - all of these are essential for a healthy nervous system. Oats lowers your blood cholesterol and makes you calmer. It is highly recommended for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Oats has incredibly high fibre content as well.

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