Engagement Rings - From Her Finger To Her Heart!
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You’ve been in love for a long time now, and are seriously contemplating on popping that most important question to your girlfriend, but don’t know anything about engagement rings in the first place and which finger you need to place it on?. Read along this little bit of information could ease out your dilemma.

For those who know a little bit about engagement ceremonies because they’ve attended a few or are engaged themselves might probably know which finger you need to place the ring on. However ask anyone the significance of the left ring finger and they are stumped for the right answer. Most will tell you that its tradition but no one really knows the answer to WHY!

Wearing the engagement on the left hand ring finger can be traced back to ancient Egyptian beliefs. The myth was that the vein in your left hand ring finger went directly to the heart. This was the major reason why the tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the left hand ring finger came about. Since the vein led directly to the heart, it was also believed that love was a message that was directly conveyed to the heart through the finger.

Although in most cultures and countries you would have noticed that the left hand ring finger is where the engagement ring is worn, it is however not a universal custom. In countries like Poland and Ukraine, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand ring finger.

Today, the engagement ring is no longer the boring band with a solitaire. Infact, if you were to visit your favourite jewellers, you will find that engagement rings are also made for men, just incase the woman wants to propose to her man. The solitaire rings however are most widely popular among those looking forward to getting engaging, irrespective of the tradition or country they belong to. The rings have a single diamond right in the middle of the ring band, the solitaire also comes in varying sizes. The ring band is another popular design and highly popular among engagement rings. These ring bands can be simple, elegantly thin which is a popular choice for women, there are also thick ring or strips of metal that are wound together.

Outside the bands and solitaire ring, 3 engagement rings are also popular. In these three stones, also known trilogy or triptych, is placed horizontally, with the largest center stand. The importance of the three stones is that they have a reference to the past couple’s present and future.

In most cultures irrespective of arranged or love marriages, the engagement ring has a prominent role to play. In most cultures it is also known as a suggestion ring, for a simple reason that the engagement ring only suggests marriage, especially if the boy/girl was to propose without knowing if their love would accept the proposal or no.

This was just general information about engagement rings and why you need to wear it on your left hand ring finger. If you are interested in buying that engagement ring, you could choose from an array of brilliant designs available at the best jewellery shops. An important note is that you first check the ring size before you buy the ring from the jeweller, since obviously you need her to wear a ring that fits perfectly on her finger.

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