Enhancing The Usability Of Your Homepage Design
Rubi • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

The most essential part of the website that casts image of our business is the homepage. It is the face of your website and to make a first impression on online audiences it a must to have a great homepage design. We all know that the first page that comes in sight once we type URL of a website is its homepage.

A homepage should have all the necessary information about your business and its services so that visitors are lure to browse further. This page need to have the maximum usability as it is the most essential page of a website. Look down for some tips to enhance usability of your homepage design:

A catchy tagline or headline can give an idea about your company and business globally. Moreover, this should be place beneath the company’s logo on the homepage. Then it should be elaborate further more giving details of services and motive of the company. By drafting, a tagline can help catch attention of your visitors and make sure they come back.

Include a title tag to your homepage that your company name followed by a very brief description of website. Avoid using words, which just populates the space and adds no value to your website. In turn, you must include the relevant keywords in the title tag for optimization.

Generally, visitors do not bother reading about the company but it not completely true. Such a situation can arise when they decide to do business with you as soon as they get convinced about your company. In such case the information provide on the website about the company should be good quality and informative. This can also be done by including an about us page on the website. Do not forget to link it well with the homepage.

The homepage of any website plays an important role in helping as a guide for visitors and help them browse easily. It should also provide a clear starting point to do what they want to do i.e. clear links to main areas of the website where the customers interest lies.

Search box is an essential element in every website these days. Many websites having search box act as mini search engines. As internet, users are highly impatient they would love to have such a thing so that they can just enter a keyword and get information. Search box help visitors to search exact information. In addition, make sure that the search box is at least 25 characters wide so that accommodates multiple queries.

Putting relevant images on the homepage can attract visitors as well as if you try to include topics of interest on your website can really help you to gain traffic. And if you include an article on any of the pages of your website do offer a preview for the same on the homepage.

You cannot afford to put in design elements and flash animations that offer no value but only increase the file sizes. So when you are thinking of a homepage design hire a Web Design Services India who can help you for the same.

Get a Web Development Services India to design your website for you so as you can enhance its usability in the best way possible and gain success in business.


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