Enjoy Old World Charm- Live In Heritage Hotels In Nainital
Soni • onGeneral 8 years ago • 3 min read

Nainital is a popular summer retreat of international travelers. With temperatures plunging very low in North America and Europe, tourists from these countries head to India especially the North to spend their vacations basking in the cool climes of hill stations and other tourist destinations. At the foothills of the Kumaon range of hills perches this quaint little sleepy town that is surrounded by the mighty Himalayan mountain ranges and a huge lake at its center.

Nainital is a trekker’s haven. The town has a rich colonial past when the British first discovered its presence and decided to adopt it as their summer retreat to escape the extreme heat of the plains. Boarding schools, well paved roads and large stone mansions reflect its colonial history. These old bungalows have now been converted to luxury hotels by leading hotel groups. There are many heritage hotels in Nainital.

Nainital hotels of heritage value offer guests the opportunity to taste royal treatment by enjoying and basking in their luxurious ambience. When the guest steps into a heritage hotel, he/she immediately gets treated like royalty and begins to experience the life of the heritage home owner. The rooms in heritage hotels are large and spacious with huge sprawling canopy beds, period furniture, and exquisite chandeliers. The huge dining halls, constructed entirely out of timber wood will leave guests gasping at their elegance and beauty.

The Chevron Fairheavens stands tall for more than a hundred years and its rich interiors are a testimonial to heritage status. There are 26 rooms that have been magnificently and tastefully decorated. Guests get a superb view of the distant Kumaon ranges. Though a heritage hotel, all modern amenities are provided in every room to make guests perfectly comfortable. Food is served in their multi cuisine restaurant. For business travelers, the conference room is fully equipped with all the latest technology gadgets and high speed internet connection.

The Balampur House was constructed in 1880 and was the summer retreat of the Balram Royal family. In 1932, it changed its name from Ivy Park Palace to its present name. It was converted to resemble a French Chateaux later and turned into a heritage hotel to house tourists. Every room has a fireplace, antique paintings on walls, decorative pieces and period furniture. The huge dining room is where guests can enjoy a cozy dinner and tickle their taste buds with the choicest of foods.


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