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A weekend in the pristine and sylvan hills of Kodaikanal can be the perfect summer break for your family. This wonderful hill station nestling among the lovely green Palani hills sprawls around the massive Kodai Lake. With picturesque trails that are ideal for trekking and fruit orchards laden with plum and plantain, a trip to Kodaikanal is the perfect way to get back to nature.

But given its location – and of course its charm – do plan at least a weekend trip when visiting Kodaikanal. The different types and standards of accommodation available will suit every budget and taste. If you are looking to enjoy a four star experience at Kodaikanal, you do have plenty of options. There are several four star hotels in Kodaikanal set in lovely pieces of property and a stay in any one of them will definitely enhance your Kodaikanal experience.

The four star hotels that you could explore while planning your Kodaikanal trip include the Hill Country Resort, Hotel Kodai International, Quality Inn Sabari Resort and Zest Coakers Villa. All these hotels are located between 100-120 kilometers away from Madurai airport and 80-85 kilometers away from the Kodai Road railway station.

As far as the quality of services is concerned, the four star hotels simply top the chart. Kodai’s economy is heavily based on tourism and as a result the staffs in these hotels are well trained. The pleasant and friendly service will add to the warmth and hospitality that is offered here.

A stay in these Kodaikanal hotels will definitely be a pleasant one. The rooms are luxurious and decorated to ensure that you live in elegant comfort. Additional facilities like excellent fine dining, wellness centers make your stay here even more comfortable. Most of these four star properties are set in lush green lawns with a glimpse of the deep woods and forests. Some of them are also located on the edge of the Kodai Lake, making the views truly stunning.

The four star hotels here also conduct nature walks and evening bonfires to add to the holiday atmosphere. The spa facilities can add to your sense of contentment and relaxation. The four star hotels are also the perfect location to host a retreat or working conference for your office staff. The facilities are excellent and the hotels staff will ensure that everything is smoothly organized.

A stay at any of the four star Kodaikanal hotels can make your trip to this hill station a really enjoyable one.

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