Enterprise Resource Planning Software In Healthcare Sector
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Healthcare is a sector of great importance, as those related with here are human beings, rather than machines. Here, lives are at stake, in the sense of reality than just business dealings, where it's the numbers or hefty sums that are pivotal in considerations. There are many factors in association with the healthcare sector. Nowadays, software also plays its part in facilitating actual progress and results in the healthcare sector.

ERP is one such software used in the healthcare sector. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This software stores, organizes and retrieves information from a common database as and when required. In the past years, the systems to keep records and organize them to meet formalities were so informal and unsystematic that, lives were at times, on stake. But now, with ERP in scenario, all information on patient is stored in a common database, to which all hospitals have access and are connected from within.

This helps, save lives of patients, without problems of the doctor not knowing the medical history of patients, incase of emergencies. This makes the healthcare sector function, with greater accuracy, precision and effectiveness. Here, life of the patient is given top and utmost priority as always.

This software also helps to bringing down the costs, which stood high, without ERP in existence. The involvement of paper works are kept to the minimal, which reduces errors, loses of information and other problems of storage. This software helps in the fast and timely retrieval of information to facilitate saving the patients when it really matters the most.

Advantages of ERP in Healthcare Sector

Accurate Data

The data provide through this software is accurate as the system used is fully automated. The data stored are very much in relation with the patients and their medical history, and so, chances of the data being faulty can't be encouraged by the healthcare sector.

Fast Retrieval

Information through this software can be retrieved at a very fast rate than, when this system was manual. This helps to save lives of patients at a higher rate than before when, stacks of paper works had to be referred to know about a patient who was admitted to the same hospital.

Disadvantages of ERP in Healthcare Sector

Chances of Crash

Since it is software, the chances of it crashing, can't be avoided or not taken into account. This is an area, which has to be given real and prompt thought into. Chances of such system crashes can't be taken lightly in the healthcare sector, as it is human lives, which are always at stake.

Vendor Selection

Software always are in danger of being tampered with and even duplicated for more benefits to the dealer or parties, whomsoever are related with it. But since here, it is the healthcare sector that is thought about; such mistakes in selecting an authentic and trustworthy vendor can't be set aside.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    After a long time software can helps to human life without any certain doctor & problem since the history of patient is in the system. So the Patient risk is very low.