Epilepsy Paroxysmal And Transient Brain Disorder
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Epilepsy is paroxysmal and transient brain disorder that is displayed suddenly no longer automatically have tendency to repeat itself. The disease is the clinical manifestation auto-stimulation of neurons. The discharge of neurons may remain localized, as is the focal epilepsy, spread throughout the brain. The cause of epilepsy due to various causes such as brain injuries at birth, encephalitis, lesions of skull, arteriosclerosis, tumors brain, etc. But there forms of epilepsy in which it is no pathological damage.

Epilepsy may occur in the form so-called high-epileptic infection, which occurs in sudden loss of consciousness and a frenzy of seizures: the patient falls to the ground, all muscle exhibit tonic contraction and after thirty seconds starting violent convulsions of clonally shake the whole body with increasing faster. Overall, the crisis takes a few minutes after deep sleep followed by a full commitment the individual.

Another clinical form of disease is so-called "mini seizure attack. The man is momentarily loss of consciousness and lives property, cutting work was performing. There appear seizures and recovery is almost immediate. Variations of short epileptic attack are almost exclusively the kids. Sometimes Epilepsy can occur without seizures only with mental symptoms such as sudden and unreasonable sense of fear, alienation from the environment, personality disorders or capricious and unreasonable behavior.

Epilepsy is a family of different disorders which have in common the repeated exacerbations with sudden, excessive discharge and abnormal brain neurons. These seizures can cause convulsions or visual, auditory.

Ever wondered how the brain gives the order to the muscles what to do? Either do you think or not, the brain sends electrical signals to muscles through the nerves. What happens if there is any abnormality in the waves sent?

This happens to some people is sometimes sent to so many signals simultaneously to the muscles to contract and relax too very quickly without being able to control. May fall to the floor, to vomit, and even, in some cases fainting.

One such incident known epileptic present and whether these seizures occur regularly in a man, then we say it suffers from epilepsy.

Old people believed that someone could be swallowed by the language if they become a seizure. This is not true.

Usually these seizures last for a few minutes but sometimes can take and more. Although it seems strange, it is usually difficult the same person as many times not even remember what happened after a crisis.

Most seizures occur without warning. Some have some feelings that are strange and somewhat how to warn the crisis comes. Such feelings can be a strange smell or taste or even a disruption in the stomach.

What exactly causes this anomaly happens in the brain? To the people, the reasons people get such crises are different. For example someone who is predisposed, lack of sleep can cause seizures. In others, predisposition, to play video games is a cause which can cause a crisis.

Epilepsy usually occurs before 15 or after 65 years and may be the wrong with everyone, regardless sex or color. Very important to know that it is not contagious! If you have or know someone who is experiencing this problem, Yes you can continue to talk with him.

The people who have this disease, is very different from us. Many of them are taking medicines that can control seizures them.

They can do exactly the same things with us, you just have to be a little more cautious, say the premises anywhere. That should provide that in case that happens to a crisis to be in a place to put them at risk e.g. a porch to a great height, only the sea or in the bathroom.

For humans, the disease is a disorder the normal state of health manifested in the disturbances, physiological and morphological changes, more or less serious. The doctor, to the fight and to heal the patient must be aware of causes. The job is not limited to counteract the disturbance, but to diagnose the disease in the caused and to implement proper treatment. Task physician is to prevent the disease, not only to cure.

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