Erectile Dysfunction Makes Life Disturbing
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Erectile dysfunction or male impotence refers to the difficulty in achieving and maintaining a penile erection in men. A man with erectile dysfunction can have an erection to have sex or can not maintain an erection longer to complete the sex. Erectile dysfunction is not related to age. It is true that as we get older, you may need more stimulation to achieve an erection. You may also need more time between erections, but many older men are still able to get an erection and enjoy sex.

Causes that lead to erectile dysfunction, the primary cause of erectile dysfunction are as follows: * Hypertension * Diabetes

Other causes of erectile dysfunction are as follows: * If you can not keep your blood sugar or your blood pressure under control, you can get erectile dysfunction. * Sometimes your hormones get out of balance, causing erectile dysfunction. * Drinking too much alcohol, smoke too much and abusing drugs. * Problems in your relationship with your partner can also cause sexual dysfunction.

Sex may be taken for granted, but sexual performance requires physical processes that occur in both men and women. If and when these processes do not happen as they should, sex can become impossibility. While it is true that women have sexual dysfunction as men do difficulties, the most common sexual dysfunction that affects performance is almost certainly the erection by the male.

Male erection problems are a normal occurrence, although they certainly will not happen to all men with some degree of frequency. Erectile problems are common enough that there is a medical terminology to describe the problem. The specific medical term for difficulty in erection is erectile dysfunction, or ED. Because there is a medical term for erection difficulties, there is also, of course, enough drugs available to treat the disorder.

Treatment options aside, what are the real causes at work when a man is unable to achieve an erection? There are obviously several possible explanations for the difficulty, but a few basic reasons usually cover much of the problem. Anxiety is a potential explanation. Males may feel that they are under obligation to take the lead in sexual performance, and always be nice to its partners. That kind of pressure can lead to the expectation of performance anxiety, when they are quite internalized can prevent man from being able to function sexually at all.

There are also medical conditions that can prevent a man to achieve an erection. Problems with the prostate gland can affect the ability of erection. The prostate is near the male sexual organ and an irregular prostate, a condition of older men tend to have, can stop the erection and cause urinary problems. Diabetes is another disease that is linked to problems with erection. Erection problems due to diabetes is almost certain to be caused by diabetes has circulatory problems. The movement is essential, but often overlooked component consistently able to achieve an erection.

Stress is another factor frequently in erectile difficulties. Modern life presents a multitude of challenges and difficulties. People may feel overworked and undervalued, something that is true for men and women. Stress can also occur in some specific problems that appear an occurrence that happens to us all. Under enough stress, any person will be committed as they are able to perform physically. Still, the stress rarely remains in force indefinitely, and once the stress has drained, erection problems caused by stress will be resolved.

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