ERP Software Implementation
Nick Mutt • onErp 9 years ago • 2 min read

ERP software implementation is a typically complex job and involves greater risk of failure. ERP implementation requires top management support and willingness to complete ERP project in given time. Usually ERP implementation takes 3 months to 1-2 years time, it depends on the size of the company, number of sites, scope of the change (customization) and willingness of the customer to take ownership of the project.

The most important aspect of any ERP implementation is that the company who has purchased the ERP software takes ownership of the project. Implementing ERP is not an in-house job. To implement ERP, companies used to take consultation services from ERP vendors or third party consulting companies. These consultancy services include consultation, customization of product and long term support.

In consulting service, consultants used to map the software with existing business process. They understand the business in detail and define the role of the ERP user. Consultants will prepare a list of processes in Vital, Essential and Desirable (VED) category. In the standard implementation they will suggest to finish vital part only.

After standard implementation of ERP software they will find the gap to fulfill his essential and desirable (wish list). They will do some customization to fulfill complete wish list. For support, Customer can take AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). In AMC customer will get product updates, upgrades, new features and few man month free of cost. AMC charges vary from company to company. It may have on % basis or on amount basis. AMCs can be for product, services or for both.

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