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ESET Smart Security is the first representative of the new approach to truly integrated computer security for all users. It utilizes the speed and precision of ESET NOD32 Antivirus, which is guaranteed by the most recent version of the ThreatSense(R) scanning engine, combined with the tailor-made Personal firewall and Antispam modules. The result is an intelligent system which is constantly on alert for attacks and malicious software endangering your computer.

ESET Smart Security is not a clumsy conglomerate of various products in one package, as offered by other vendors. It is the result of a long-term effort to combine maximum protection with minimum system footprint. The advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence are capable of proactively eliminating the penetration of viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms, adware, rootkits, and other Internet-borne attacks without hindering system performance or disrupting your computer .

The long-time development experience of our experts is demonstrated by the entirely new architecture of the ESET Smart Security program, which guarantees maximum detection with minimum system requirements. The complex security solution contains modules with several advanced options. The following list offers you a brief overview of these modules.

Antivirus & Antispyware This module is built upon the ThreatSense(R) scanning core, which was used for the first time in the award-winning NOD 32 Antivirus system. The ThreatSense(R) core is optimized and improved with the new ESET Smart Security architecture.

Improved Cleaning ? The antivirus system now intelligently cleans and deletes most of the detected infiltrations without requiring user intervention.

Background Scanning Mode ? Computer scanning can be launched in the background without slowing down performance.

Smaller Update Files ? Core optimization processes keep the size of update files smaller than in version 2.7. Also, the protection of update files against damage has been improved.

Popular EMail Client Protection ? It is now possible to scan incoming mail not only in MS Outlook but also in Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

Variety of Other Minor Improvements ? Direct access to file systems for high speed and throughput. ? Blocking access to infected files ? Optimization for the Windows Security Center, including Vista.

Personal firewall The personal firewall monitors all traffic between a protected computer and other computers in the network. ESET personal firewall contains advanced functions as listed below.

Low layer network communication scanning ? Network communication scanning on the Data Link Layer enables ESET Personal Firewall to overcome a variety of attacks that would otherwise be undetectable.

IPv6 support ? ESET Personal Firewall displays IPv6 addresses and allows users to create rules for them.

Executable file monitoring ? Monitoring changes in executable files in order to overcome infection. It is possible to allow file modification of signed applications.

File scanning integrated with HTTP and POP3 ? Integrated file scanning into the HTTP and POP3 application protocols. Users are protected when browsing the Internet or downloading emails.

Intrusion Detection System ? Ability to recognize the character of network communication and various types of network attacks and an option to automatically ban such communication.

Interactive, Automatic or Policy-based mode support ? Users can select whether the firewall actions will be executed automatically, or if they want to set rules interactively. Communication in policy-based mode is handled according to rules predefined by the user or the network administrator.

Supersedes Integrated Windows Firewall ? Supersedes the Integrated Windows Firewall, it also interacts with the Windows Security Center so the user is always informed about his security status. ESET Smart Security installation turns off the windows firewall by default

Antispam ESET Antispam filters unsolicited email and therefore increases the security and comfort of electronic communication.

Incoming Mail Scoring ? All Incoming mail is assigned a rating ranging from 0 (a message is not spam) to 100 (a message is spam), and transferred accordingly into the Junk Mail folder or into a custom folder created by the user. Parallel scanning of incoming emails is possible.

Supports a variety of scanning techniques ? Bayes analysis ? Rule-based scanning ? Global fingerprint database check

Full integration with email clients ? Antispam protection is available to users of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail clients.

Manual spam selection is available ? There is an option to manually check / uncheck email as spam.

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