Exercises For Lazy Eye How You Cure Amblyopia
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Lazy eye, also known as cross eye or strabismus, is a very common vision problem and the most common treatment for it is to wear corrective glasses. Though wearing glasses is an effective way to treat lazy eye, people wearing glasses will tell you that using glasses can be cumbersome and even awkward.

Exercises for Lazy

Eye Patch

Eye specialists usually treat lazy eye with the use of eye patching. It helps to stimulate the brain to use both eyes together. Eye patching has been known as an effective lazy eye correction.

The patient has to wear the eye patch on the amblyopic eye for a certain period. They may wear them for 2 to 3 hours a day during 3 months to a year. While wearing them the patients have to follow some eye exercises. In this way the weak eye is being forced to work.

Focusing on small objects

These exercises can be done through reading small prints. Make this exercise at least one hour every day. Cover the dominant eye with the patch then use the weaker eye to read words in a book or you can also do crossword puzzles or games you can find on magazines.

Training the vision

After the stronger eye is covered with the patch, you can start to train the other eye. There are three most important trainings to strengthen the muscles: rolling, focusing and tracking. Rolling: roll the weaker eye in a clock-wise circular motion then anti clock-wise circular motion.

Focusing: concentrate on one object and change the distance from time to time. Do this slowly for several times. This lazy eye exercises can both strengthen the eye muscles and promote the vision ability to connect to the brain.

Tracking: focus the lazy eye at an object. While keeping it at the same distance, move the object slowly from one side to the other, up and down, and diagonally from both side.

Patching with Surgery

Many eye doctors suggest their patients with eye surgery. The surgery involves cutting and stretching eye muscles to fix the eye. Unfortunately this treatment does not correct the habits of the brain to work both of the eyes together and this still cause misalignment of the weak eye.

Vision therapy

Lazy eye correction through eye exercise and other therapy is highly successful in treating amblyopic eye. This therapy includes exercise and training methods of eye-brain connection in creating the vision. Clinical and research developments in vision therapy are linked with the developments of neuroscience.

The therapy may include through fun activities like crossword puzzles, special video games or other word games which can be found in magazines or books. After the vision of the lazy eye has been restored, the patient has to wear the patch for some time until the entire visual system and changes reflexes achieve a lasting cure.

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