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Eyes always articulate the truth which means even if you want to lie, your eyes, which happen to be the windows of your soul, will hardly allow you to do the misdeed. That is exactly why many a time man's eyes are referred to as god's own reflectors of the truth. We often look into someone's eyes and reckon we are in love with him or her.

It is right that such emotions which a man can sometimes not speak with his mouth are reflected with all the certainty with the help of his eyes. You can hardly keep anything from the people around you for your eyes will speak everything that you always wanted them to know. Eyes also aid us with the perfect ability to gauge different personalities which is also one of the major positives of the same.

Apart from the aforementioned and as far as women are concerned, there could be nothing better than helping them make their eyes look bigger and better with make-up which is in vogue nowadays. Every one wants to look beautiful which is why people all over the world have begun to depend a great deal up on the cosmetic industry, changing their external appearance and overall personalities too in the bargain.

They do not mind spending tons and tons of money in a bid to change the way they look at the end of the day for that is what they want. Especially since the beginning of the television industry every other woman wants to have eyes like the actresses on the big screen which is why they are splurging like maniacs each time they tend to visit the market place at their end.

But it definitely does your self-esteem a whole lot of good when you end up looking good. Eye make up is one of the most important aspects of make-up these days. The whole idea is to accentuate the eye area and keep the rest of the face nude which is why your eyes look bigger and better most of the time. You could simply try the Smokey trick to give them the boost that they always required in a bid to look big and beautiful.

For that all you need is a kohl pencil and some black eye shadow. Start with cleaning your face which also includes your eye area. Then dab dry after which you should go ahead and apply the shade of foundation that suits your skin and color both so that you don't look too made up at the end of the exercise.

  • Eye Liners. Using eye- and lip liners is essential for a nice look. You want these areas of your face to stand out, and thus you want to highlight them by lining them with color. Use a lip color in a liner that matches the lipstick that you use on your lips. Then, shade in the area. This gives a distinctive look to your lips. Do the same for your eyes with eye liners. You can then add eye shadow to them to help enhance the look that they offer.

  • For dark skin, the best foundation to use must be water-based. Dark skin has a tendency to look oily, and using cream foundation will only worsen the effect. The water-based foundation must be of a shade closest to your skin tone.

  • It makes sense to hunt for the correct shade of foundation since it is the base of all makeup to follow. A good way to blend it into the skin is by adding a little distilled water to the foundation and rubbing the lotion well so as to absorb it in skin, otherwise the foundation will appear in waves on the face after a while.

  • A very light dusting of powder is recommended as it can detract from the smooth glow of the foundation creme.

  • Almond brown or copper tinged mascara/moistened eye shadow works really well with most dark coloured people. A hint of a metallic shade at the end of the eyelashes adds to the glamorous touch for an glamorous evening out.

  • Wear your hair down when you really want to but remember that the more you wear it up, the faster length accumulates. But don`t let your hair sit in front of your face too much. Use a blow dryer to give your hair more volume.

One issue that many women try to correct with Asian eye makeup is the lack of an eyelid crease. Some Asian women have an eyelid crease which is so coveted that other women may actually have cosmetic surgery in order to create one. You may find that when it is properly applied, Asian eye makeup can play up eyes regardless of whether or not there is an eyelid crease.

Consider starting with a good base of eyeliner. Remember that you want to keep the lines as thin and delicate as possible. If you want to make sure your eyeliner lasts for as long as possible you may want to use a pencil first and then apply liquid liner on top of it. You can also use a very fine brush to apply shadow along the edges of your eyes so that it acts as eyeliner. Then, you can build up from there using naturally lighter, brighter tones as accents. You may be amazed at just how beautiful your Asian eyes can look.

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