Eyes, How To Cure Poor Vision
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Visual problems, such as eye irritation, among the complaints which are often reported by computer operators. These symptoms are visual can be caused by lighting is decent, glare of the screen, poor positioning of the screen itself, or materials that are copied from the hard read.

These problems can usually be corrected by modifying the physical and environmental setting where the computer users to work. For example, can be workstations, lighting, and should be arranged to avoid direct and reflected glare anywhere in sight, from the display screen, or surrounding surfaces.


You also can reduce eye strain by taking breaks vision, which may include exercises to relax eye muscles after each hour or so to start the computer. Change of focus is another way to give eye muscles a chance to relax. You only need to glance across the room, or outside the window, from time to time, and look at an object at least 20 meters. The other eye exercises may include rolling or blinking the eye, or close them tightly for a few seconds.

Symptoms: - The first symptoms of eye allergy are: that feels redness and swelling of the eyelid of the eye and increases the secretions (tears). In most cases the disease, in the spring, accompanied by pain and sense of drought in sight.

Causes: - The causes of allergy are some subjects that are found in the environment, like trees, dust, pets, medicines, perfumes. These cause reactions with conjunctive eye, containing cells and basophile, leading to the secretion of tears.

Allergy: - A kind of allergy is in the eye caused by the use of contact lenses, the points that jump in the eye and cosmetic cases. Another type of allergy is caused by environmental factors. Factor is the heat and sun.

Some diseases have certain periods of the show. Allergies and eye infection in most cases appear with the arrival of hot days during spring and summer season. It is already known that allergy increases with increasing temperature, the strengthening of the sun and with the addition of dust into the environment, which add eye dryness and increase of infections.

For treatment of eye diseases that appear during this period folk medicine comes to the aid of its plants. One of the plants used for this purpose, it is which connects the roots of the drug. The flowers are white or pink with bright yellow spots in the center of the flower. Taste of the plant is bitter. Plants can be found through meadows and across all countries covered with grass.

Blackberries: - To improve the poor viewing every day drinks a glass of carrot juice. To improve viewing during the night 30 points juicy berries mixed with 50 grams of water. This measure is drunk three times a day. Also, you can drink two cups of blackberry juice a day. To ease eye fatigue cucumber slices placed over closed eyelids and kept for 15 minutes.

Vitamin: - Vitamins and minerals are necessary for better functioning eye. Vitamin A improves vision at night. Foods rich in vitamin A are green vegetables, carrots, spinach, but also eggs, cheese and butter. Vitamin B reduces sore eyes and can help eyes that are sensitive to light. Foods rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 are pasta, bread, milk, mushrooms, tuna fish, nuts, bananas, helps strengthen weak eyes. Carotene rich foods are carrots, cabbage and legumes.

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