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Brush high lighter of a very light shade of the eye shadow on the brow bone, more towards the outer corner of the eyes for a shimmer. Brush a complimentary shade of eye shadow evenly over the eyelids only.

Eye shadow that stays.......... Melting eyeshadow is a problem for many women, but there is a way to make it "stick" a little longer.

If you use a damp eyeshadow brush and apply a layer of face powder to your lids and allow to set, the shadow will stay in place for the day. Takes an extra second or so but the effort is well worth it.

Eye shadow stay for the whole day If you want your eyeshadow to last all day long simply apply a thin layer of concealer before applying your eyeshadow. It will usually last you for 24hrs. Eye shadow for the casual look The shadow is applied only on the upper eyelid, leaving the space beneath the brows. If you wish, you may apply some shadow on the lower lash line to add color.

Close your eyelid while applying shadow. Start from the centre of the eye lid near the lashes and go upwards till the crease of the lid leaving the space beneath the brows. Apply some eye shadow with a thin brush, lightly beneath the eyes, next to the lower lash line, starting from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

Eye shadow for the evening makeup

  1. Use two shades of the same color for that exotic look. The inner corner of the eye area is lighter in shade and the shadow deepens in color towards the outer eye

  2. Apply the light shade starting from the inner corner of the eye covering the lid and below the brow bone

  3. Now apply the dark shade on the lighter shade, from the centre and brush till the end of the eyebrow

  4. Finally blend the two colors properly in the middle where the shades meet.

Eye shadow for the party makeup

Your eye shadow kit may contain 3 shadows-a very light shade(vanilla, very pale pink, beige, silver grey etc) which is the high lighter and which gives a light shimmer on the brow bone and highlights it. The box has two more shades of the same color.

  1. Put the very light shade (high lighter) on the space beneath the brows up to the crease of the eye lid (leaving the eye lid)
  2. Apply the medium shade on the upper eyelid only


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