Face Shape, Choosing Right Hairstyle That Suits You
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Face shape is one of the most important considerations when choosing the best hairstyle for you. It is because style is all about shape and geometry. Everything can be a disaster if a certain style is created for the wrong face. Best hair design is the perfect frame around the set individuals face in balance and perspective to the overall shape. The form must emphasize the prominent attributes and to promote and praise the best features.

The shape of the face is the starting point of choosing the style. The hair texture and color will follow after the facial shape analysis has been reached. It is usually the job of the stylist to know which type is best for you. It will also help a lot in order to understand personal face shape and what does fitness or just for you. It is always better to communicate with your stylist and somehow keep them honest.

The general rule in face shape is to achieve the oval face is the most perfect and attractive form to the human eye. Shorten long faces are as wide faces need lengthening. Here are the pros and cons of certain face shapes:

Choosing the right hairstyle suits your face shape

Oval face shape: only slightly narrower at the jaw line than at the temples, with a gently rounded hairline.

Pros: variety of styles that is short, medium and long hair designs.

Disadvantages: heavy bangs, or forward-facing styles.

Round face shape: looking for full -face with a round chin and hairline. Widest point on the cheeks and ears.

Pros: hairstyles with fullness and height of the crown, short hair longer than chin length, the upper layers, cut relatively close to the face.

Cons: chin length hair styles with short-short crops, straight or " chopped " bangs, a rounded haircut ending at the chin, the center parts, fullness at the side of the ears.

Square face: a strong, square jaw line and usually an equally square hairline.

Pros: short - to- medium length hair, wispy bangs, eccentric parts of the height at the crown, were, the crown height, or wave to curl. Disadvantages: long straight styles, " Linear " straight bangs or center parts, a straight bob ending at the jaw line.

Heart face shape: face is wide at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small delicate chin.

Pros: chin length or longer styles, side -parted hair swept forward or layers around the top, with soft wispy bangs, shorter styles with the weight in the back neck area. Disadvantages: Short, full styles, too much height of the crown, slicked back looks.

Triangular face shape: back of the heart - shape, a dominant jaw line with narrowing at the cheek and temples.

Pros: shorter hair, off-center parts, wedges and shags look entirely at the temples and taper at the jaw line, tucking hair behind your ears.

Disadvantages: long, full hair styles, too much height on the crown.

Diamond face shape: cross between a heart and a dramatic oval, widest at the cheekbones, and narrow at the forehead and jaw line.

Pros: variety of styles, short hairstyles, weight in the back neck area.

Cons: too much hair on your face.

Rectangular or oblong face shape: long and slender, about same width at the forehead and just below the cheekbones, the forehead may have a very narrow chin or a very high.

Pros: Short to medium lengths, fullness at the sides of your face and wispy bangs, layers, side, center parts

Cons: too much hair length and weight

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