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Our readers should know these facts about assassinations of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy of the U.S.A

  1. Lincoln was elected in 1860. Kennedy was elected in 1960.
  2. Both were deeply involved in struggle for Black people’s rights.
  3. The names of the Presidents have seven letters.
  4. The wife of each president lost a son when she was first lady.
  5. Both presidents were shot on Friday.
  6. Both were shot in the head from behind in the presence of their wives.
  7. John Wilkes Booth (who shot Lincoln) was born in 1839; Lee Harvey Oswald (who shot Kennedy) was born in 1939.
  8. Both presidential assassins were short dead before they could be brought for trial.
  9. The names of John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald both have fifteen letters.
  10. Lincoln and Kennedy were succeeded to the presidency by Southern Democrat’s, names Johnson!
  11. Tennessee’s Johnson who followed Lincoln was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908.
  12. Booth shot Lincoln in a theatre and ran to ware house. Oswald shot Kennedy in a warehouse and ran theatre.
  13. Kennedy was short in a Lincoln model car made by Ford. Lincoln was in Ford’s Theatre.
  14. Lincoln’s Secretary, whose name was Kennedy, advised him not to go to the theatre on the night he was killed. President Kennedy’s Secretary whose name was Lincoln advised him not to go to Dallas, Texas where he was killed.
  15. Fascinating! Isn’t this more than a coincidence?


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