Factors That Affect Libido Negatively In Men And Women
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Libido in simple words can be defined as the sex drive with a clear intention of intercourse. A low libido is one of the men and women of the main problems we face today. There may be several reasons behind low libido. Here we focuses on the different causes of low libido are psychological cause and physical cause in men and women.

The term is meant libido sexual desire or sexual interest that characterizes each of us. Perhaps then your sexual mood is somewhat depressed, but you can not understand why? Maybe this article help you understand the causes of reduced or no sexual your disposal and to suggest ways of tackling the problem.

Sexual Our desire is not simply a result of our hormones, but relates directly to how we face the same sex, what we consider proper or wrong with the principles to which the situation our health and with psychosomatic people are trying to close means the sexual act.

Sexual our desire is manifested in various ways. One possibility is our positive response to the messages we receive love from others. Another method is to transmit messages from our love to others fondling, kissing etc. A third way is the existence of sexual thoughts - fantasies, which in turn lead to physical reactions that result in a sexual act.

What factors can affect our libido negatively; O greatest enemy of love is available as fatigue and stress. If your job, your exhaust, if ever you have obligations that you strain your body or worried then the only thing you want after a busy day is to turn your home

The psychological causes of low libido may arise due to a variety of weather conditions, emotions or issues. The main factors that influence libido are depression, distraction, and loss of intimate time, loss of privacy, issues of abuse, the case, the assault, the pull out of a relationship, the perception of body image, child abuse, fatigue, and lack of attraction of a partner, lack of interest in performance anxiety, sexual abuse, stress or trauma.

The physical causes of low libido can be determined by a medical diagnosis. Medications also play an important role among the causes of low libido. Antidepressants, beta-blockers and prescriptions of hormonal contraception, along with other medications, can lead to the causes of low libido. A poor diet combined with drinking, smoking and lack of exercise can also affect libido. This lifestyle can accelerate the lack of production of testosterone.

Zinc deficiency may also play an important role in decreased libido. Zinc is an essential mineral and is required for the production of testosterone. Zinc content of the prostate gland and sperm is higher than in any other tissues of the body and helps regulate the fluid from the prostate. Zinc not only helps produce testosterone, but also helps to maintain semen volume, maintain healthy sperm and sexual regulation.

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