Facts You Never Knew About SRK (Shahrukh)
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We will tell you facts about Shahrukh that everyone might not know. Here is a sneak peak into Shahrukh's life.

· 2nd November 1965. In New Delhi's Talwar Nursing Home, to parents Mir Taj Muhammad and Lateef Fatima, was born a young boy. For the family, that lived in Rajinder Nagar, a middle class locality in the national capital, it was time to rejoice and celebrate the newly born.

· When he was just four years of age, Shah Rukh happened to throw a rock at a neighborhood boy because of which the latter's teeth broke. Late at night that day, the child's father came to the house in an inebriated state while wielding a knife. Shah Rukh's father coolly opened the door and when this man threatened to kill his son for what he had done, he crosschecked with Shah Rukh as to whether or not he had committed the act of mischief. When the child confessed, the dad asked him to go out and explain himself to the man who was not only drunk but also armed. Shah Rukh had to go outside and apologize for his deed.

· Shah Rukh had won the Raman Subramanyam Award in Class X (1982-83) for character, all round performance in studies, sports and extra curricular activities and the Sword of Honour in Class XII (1984-85) for the Best all round performance, loyalty, obedience, integrity and sportsmanship.

· The college where he studied was Delhi University's Hans Raj College, and Shah Rukh did his Economics Honors from the institution between 1985-88. When Hans Raj celebrated its Golden Jubilee, the college gave away 17 shields to its alumni who had excelled in their lives and professions and Shah Rukh was one of them.

· After graduating from Hans Raj, he went on to join Jamia Milia Islamia's Mass Communications Research Centre to do his masters in filmmaking and journalism.

· Shah Rukh had a solid theatre background and had worked with an institution like Barry John in New Delhi.

· Shah Rukh was, in fact uncomfortably possessive about his lady love (Gauri), whom he lovingly calls Gaurima. So much so that he would pick up a quarrel with her even if she let her hair down literally. Finally, Gauri lost her cool and without informing Shah Rukh, came down to Bombay. Shah Rukh followed her to the huge city and kept looking for her around the beaches because of his awareness that she was attracted to them in a big way. Later, a cab guy advised him to go to Aksa Beach and Gorai Beach. After searching frantically, he managed to track her down when she was standing in the water! Isn't that filmi?

· One of the reasons why Shah Rukh bought Mannat, his palatial bungalow, was since he wanted to have an exclusive prayer room. Shah Rukh says that if he were broke, he will sell everything except Mannat

· Both the children, Aryan (13th November 1997) and Suhana (23rd May 2000) have been taught to revere the co-existence of Ganpati and Allah in the Khan household. How wonderfully they are being brought up manifests itself in the story that when Shah Rukh was having a critical neck surgery, Aryan went to the temple and said an Islamic prayer so that his father could get well soon.

· Shahrukh Khan is a Muslim but celebrates Diwali and Christmas along with Eid every year. He keeps a Lakshmi Pooja every year in his office and at home. He even has a Christmas tree at home. From all the festivals Shahrukh's kids love Christmas the most.

· Shahrukh Khan has the holy Quran Bismillah kept along with the idols of Indian Gods at his place. His kids pray to both the God's simultaneously.

· Shahrukh Khan can be managed best only by his wife as she understands him the most. She is the only person who can command Shahrukh to do things. Infact Shahrukhs's daughter Suhana imitates Gauri Khan very well by saying in a strict voice, "Shahrukh, eat your food."

· Shahrukh never asks anything for himself from God. It is always his family and his close people he asks for. But whenever he wants to ask for himself, he never goes to a temple but goes to his parent's grave. He believes that whatever he will ask there will be fulfilled and yes most of them have come true which makes Shahrukh's belief all the more strong.

· Shahrukh requires a lot of his own space for himself and his near and dear ones understand that. Whenever Shahrukh is angry, he needs to be left alone or you will only make him angrier.

· Shahrukh loves watching movies in the darkness of his car. He loves watching movies alone and peacefully.

· Shahrukh is a complete game freak. In fact he turns everyone around him into a gaming freak. The latest game that Shahrukh is playing is Smackdown versus Raw which is a wrestling game. Shahrukh can't wait to get his hands on the new Play Station 3 as he is not an XBOX fan.

· Shahrukh studied at St. Columbus School and he believes that it is the best school in the whole world not because he studied in it, but because he feels they are very disciplined.

· Shahrukh still remembers his first fan who is a lady. She was his fan even before he became a film star or a famous televison star. She remembers him since his theater days. She shouted Shahrukh's name on the middle of the road when she spotted him. Shahrukh still cannot forget that moment.

· For Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Shah Rukh had taken a signing amount of Rs 5,000 and did the entire film for Rs. 25,000.

· Shah Rukh had signed a movie called Jadoo co-starring Raveena Tandon, Anupam Kher & Navneet Nishan to be directed by Pavan Kaul. But Shah Rukh refused to kiss Navneet who was playing a vampish role. Shah Rukh had promised himself that he would never kiss any actress on-screen. And, he has stuck to this till today.

· Calcutta has a unique Shah Rukh Khan club that was founded by a Khan admirer Arnab Roy on 13th December 1995 after the release of DDLJ. The club established its own SRK museum in January 2002 and its members were thrilled when Shah Rukh himself visited them on 7th August 20.

SRK says...

On Marriage It's nice to be married. You know you come back home from twenty thousand people who are screaming and shouting for you and than you come back to your wife. I think is a great leveler.

On Gauri I was eighteen and she was fourteen when we met. What I liked about her was that I didn't find it as difficult as I thought talking to a girl.

On Parents My Father was very sweet, soft spoken man. He was the youngest freedom fighter for India actually. My mother was the opposite. She was outgoing and had a very attractive personality. She said I was like Dilip Kumar.

At Home There are some unsaid rules. I will not make a phone call once I'm in the house. So you'll always see me making a phone call from the bathroom….. I close the door and then talk

On Mumbai I think it's the greatest city in the world. It's very important to my life and to me. I'll always be thankful that Mumbai has given me a family, and actually Mumbai has given me a life.

On Acting For me, acting is very spiritual. It combines as sorts of soulful, religious and spiritual things that people do.

On time off I don't get excited going out but all my friends make fun that I keep saying that but I shop the most. I keep buying gadgets and stuff and I call them my "utterly useless shopping".

On fans photographing The only time I find people invasive is when I am eating. When I'm eating I don't like people looking at me.

On time I think time passes by very, very fast. I don't ever have time to grow old. It's so fast. I have this feeling that I am running a few days late in life.

Public persona There has to be now a public face very clearly. And that public face is always smiling. And I'm tired. And I'm sometimes in a bad mood. But I cannot pass that onto people.

· Few people do not know that SRK used to live in gautam nagar(south delhi).which he does'nt confess in his interview. whenever any reporter takes his interview about his good old days ,he says that he resided in south Delhi, but he never tell about gautam nagar.



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  • Guest 10 years ago
    he hasn't stuck to his 'on-screen no kiss' promise. In fact he did it long time back in a movie called maya memsaab.