Fad Diets Side Effects
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There are many fad diets to choose from. Most of them reel you in with the promise of quick weight loss. We lose are rational minds and start a two day diet to lose ten pounds. This leaves us disappointed and probably not feeling very well after the two days. It is a problem because fad dieting does not help a person to change their bad habits that have occurred over a period time. It simply adds to their frustrations and merely fuels the fire.

Some of the diets wants you to skip meals, this will NOT help you lose weight. This will only slow down your metabolism. You should actually eat 5 healthy smaller meals a day. Many diets that guarantee that you will lose weight quickly and easily are typically based on eating more of one particular food and completely omitting another from your diet. Fad diets generally deny our bodies a variety of foods that we desperately need. The most often neglected food is fruits and vegetables.

Most fed diets are short-term diet plans. With monotonous menus and inadequate nutrition, these diets are hard to stick to in the long run. Since any very-low-calorie diet causes weight loss in most people and fad diets are extremely low in calories, you may initially experience rapid weight loss. A healthy diet to follow will be one that will encourage slow, progressive weight loss over a longer period of time. It will have enough calories to support vigorous exercise, so that you lose fat and not muscle.

You may even lose weight, but fad diets can have serious side effects. Of course, you should consult your doctor about any diet program, but this article will review some of the effects of the fad diet and suggest an alternative. Other diets that restrict specific types of food is a low fat diet. Low fat is not "no fat" and doctors and health care professionals often prescribe these types of diets. The amount of fat in the diet necessary to maintain good health is part of a prescription diet.

Fad diets comprise of various kinds of diets like very low-fat diets, paleo diets, low-carb diets, raw food, vegan & macrobiotic diets, and diets like blood and metabolic type. All of these diets have extremely low calories and thus, they might result in a fast weight loss. In the majority cases, it is not fat loss, but it is actually water loss. Most of the fad diets are short-term diet plans, their menus are monotonous and do not provide adequate nutrition. Teenagers, in particular girls, are very vulnerable to the fad diet. Quick-fix diets stop them from developing sound nutritional behaviour. They rob them of vital nutrients for their growth and development.

Though following the fad diet might appear like a very good method to lose weight, all diet types have important pitfalls. For instance: Fad diets are limiting to be long-term solution to the weight loss. It is a fad diet that allows the dieter to consume only Snicker candy bars along with cups of coffee or glasses of water. No matter what the publicity materials say, fad diets will not assist you on a long term basis.

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