Fast Ways To Burn Calories Naturally
Dr.Steve • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

If you want to burn calories fast stop struggling at the gym and learn these simple tricks. They will help you burn calories faster and with a little less effort. Plus, you can finally reach your weight goals. It just requires a little bit of exercise and determination.

Build muscle.

Building muscles is one of the best ways to lose more calories fast. The more muscles you have the more calories you will burn.

There are a lot of exercises to build up your muscle mass but weight lifting is by far the best calorie burning muscle exercise.

Eat small and frequent.

Most people are eating only three meals per day. If you want to burn more calories fast you will have to eat more. Nutrition experts do agree with it that you have to eat at least five or six small but healthy meals during the day. Every time you eat your body starts digesting the food and at this moment it start to burn calories too.

Do intense cardio workout.

An other excellent way to burn more calories fast is by doing high intense cardio workout exercises.

If you do cardio exercises correct your body will burn even more calories during the day then at the moment that you are doing the exercises.

Don't go on a diet.

If you want to burn more calories you shouldn't follow a diet. Today a lot of different diets are available and more and more people do have overweight.

The diet and supplement industry has become rich by the fears and hopes from millions of people worldwide. If you follow a diet there is a change that you will lose some weight temporary mostly muscle weight or water weight. In the long run you will get it all back and in some cases you will become even father.

Eat foods that burn fat.

Another great way to burn more calories fast is by eating foods that burn fat fast. Examples of fat burning foods are foods that contain vitamin c, foods rich in protein (essential to build muscles) and foods rich in fiber. Avoid eating foods that turn into fat such as ice cream, cookies, patisserie and so on.

Calorie Burning Exercises

When you wish to burn off calories fast, it is essential you focus more on muscle building. In order to form the muscle mass, our body uses up a large amount of calories. There are several types of exercises that can help you in building up muscle fiber, but weightlifting is considered to be the best fat burning exercise. Priority should be given to the core muscle groups like that of the thighs, hamstrings, and chest, as muscle fiber in these regions are dense. Hence, maximum amount of calories will be burned off. Before starting the weight training exercises, you should do some walking, running or aerobic exercises for around 10 minutes to increase the heart beat and enable larger quantity of oxygen into the blood. In this way, the rate of metabolism will increase and burn more number of calories faster. In between the workouts, do not take long breaks. Instead of that, take shorter breaks and increase the number of breaks. Thus, the breaks will not let the heart beat slow down.


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