Fatty Liver Problem And Causes, Is Any Treatment Available
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We all have well ever heard of fatty liver. But few know that alcohol is not the main cause for many with type 2 diabetes have fatty liver without knowing it. Regardless of alcohol consumption can also develop fatty liver in diabetes. Regardless of what is in the background increases the risk of heart disease of fatty liver? But please note that the smallest weight loss improves the condition of the liver.

Fatty liver disease can vary from fatty liver alone to fatty liver associated with inflammation (steatohepatitis). This condition can occur with the use of alcohol related fatty liver or in the absence of alcohol. Many detrimental changes in health:

When fat accumulates in the liver, impaired ability of insulin to reduce sugar production in the liver, namely insulin sensitivity. Consequently, excess blood sugar. Simultaneously increases insulin in the blood. Fatty the liver is thus associated with insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes develops if the pancreas at this stage not able to secrete enough insulin. Fat in the liver also makes insulin may be less able to prevent the formation of triglycerides. Then increase triglycerides in the blood, while the good HDL cholesterol decreases. There is an explanation of the metabolic syndrome of blood glucose and triglycerides are high, HDL-cholesterol and low waist circumference greater than before.

Fatty liver has increased at the same rate as type 2 diabetes and obesity has increased. According to some estimates, eight out of ten obese fatty liver and related adverse changes in health. Almost all obese people have impaired insulin response in the tissues. Obesity is a major cause of fatty liver, but not alone explains why some people suffer from fatty liver, independent of alcohol consumption. Even normal weight can be fat in the liver, and then permit a correlation with the degree of insulin resistance.

For example, insulin-treated diabetics with larger amounts of fat in the liver need more insulin than others. When fat accumulation decreases, also decreases the insulin requirement.

Fat in the liver increases the risk of cardiovascular disease even when there is no correlation with type 2 diabetes, But out to all who have fatty liver are more likely to have cardiovascular disease.

Alcoholics often suffer from cirrhosis of the liver (cirrhosis). The disease can also develop in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver caused. In these cases, the syndrome includes a broad spectrum of liver disease from fatty liver to liver inflammation, thus alcoholic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Connective tissue growth in the liver appears to be a sign of risk of liver cirrhosis.

Diet plays an important but it is not enough just to decrease fat intake to ask about the diet. Hard fats must be replaced by oil and soft oils. Although fatty liver is alcohol-caused, there is every reason to be cautious with alcohol when Alternate is around or above the upper limit of normal. Alcohol damages the liver.

Weight loss is a good method to reduce fat in the liver. As soon as the weight moves downwards reduces fat in the liver. At best, living the values become quite normal. Weight loss also helps against inflammation and connective tissue changes. This reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis.

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