Features Of Joomla Web Design
Manisha • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 2 min read

Joomla is one of the widely used content management system which is used to build website large and complex applications. It is very popular open source software, which is easy to use and easy to handle. As it is an open source software, any one can download it from internet and can use without paying any charges.

As you know that Joomla is a CMS, so you can create and manage your own website without having deep knowledge of web designing and web development. In present scenario,joomla development has become a necessary tool for web developers because of its quality and catchy features.

Beside its features and other benefits, it is so easy to install Joomla and as far as its usability is concerned, it is very user friendly. Those who knows the simple basics of computer can create and manage their own website using Joomla CMS. To make use of Joomla more easy, there are various business web design companies offering services of installation of Joomla in very less time and to make your new site ready to run.

Joomla is an easy accessible CMS and that is why web designers and developers find it more comfortable and very easy to make website for their customer using Joomla.

Following are the important features of Joomla -: a)Online editor (CMS support)
b)Template customization facility c)User friendly d)Url Rewriting support e)Management of contacts with clients f)Online poll g)Multiple language support h)Multi user access

Joomla has wide range functionalities. Either it is simple website or a complex web application, Joomla can be used to develop any kind of website. As far as scope of Joomla web development is concerned, it is used to create websites for educational institutions, commercial organizations, non-profit organizations, Corporate houses, industries and organization. Examples of Joomla web application are following -:

1)Personal website 2) Social website 3) website for educational institution 4) Governmental portals 5) Directory of articles 6) Community Portal 7) Corporate Portals 8)multiple language site

Joomla is being more popular day by day and one of the reasons behind this is the online community support of joomla developers where you can get answer any of your joomla related queries.


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