Features Of Magento Shopping Cart
Manisha • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

At present, Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce shopping cart solution. It is open source software which is freely available on the internet, which allows developers to create fully functional online stores at a very nominal price. This software enables users to maintain the functionality of the website by managing multiple online stores through a single source.

In addition, it helps in developing a search engine friendly online shop. Magento shopping cart solution is completely loaded with useful features and functionalities, which help in creating a successful online store. Now the most common question that strikes into our mind about Magento is that, what are those features which make Magento an unbeatable platform for ecommerce website development?

So, here are some incredible features of Magento shopping cart software: -

1)Navigation – Magento offers user friendly navigation where one can browse the website through category-wise navigation. For example if you are selling shoes through your online shop, you can design number of sub-categories for shoes like price, color, manufacturer etc. It helps user to navigate the website with ease.

2)Cross-promotional activities – When the buyer is on the check-out process, store owner can shows other products of the same category at that moment. In this way, by properly utilizing the features of Magento shopping cart, an enterprise can promote multiple products.

3)Multi-websites functionality – Using Magento, an organization can manage various websites at a single point. For example: If you are having two kind of items: one is shoes and another is t-shirt. You can create two domains for two products like: shoes.com and tshirt.com. In this way, the organization can manage various websites simultaneously.

4)Magento user interface - Magento software is consisting of an in-built advanced AJAX interface which automatically updates shipping and billing related statements. This helps the customer to see the final statement of his purchase on the same webpage.

5)Shipping and payment methods - Shipping and payment become so easy when Magento software is integrated with your ecommerce website. It offers flexibility in managing the modes of shipping and payment and that too on the webpage itself.

6)Customized layout - The Magento layout can be customized as per the needs of the customer. Thus, every online shop owner can have custom ecommerce web design of their ecommerce website, and that too according to them.

Magento Ecommerce Development helps the online store in generating maximum traffic that further leads to increase in the sales volume.


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