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More and more women are presently challenged by infertility issues. They find it difficult to become pregnant and they readily attribute this difficulty to infertility. The conventional way to treat infertility is to take prescription medicines for ovulation.

Ironically these same medications can also bring many side effects that can disrupt the chances of getting pregnant. There's a safer way to increase pregnancy rate. Here are natural female infertility cure tips that will show you how you can improve your pregnancy using the natural fertility methods.

Natural Female Infertility Cure

• Reduce your stress level. For the most part, females who are living a highly stressful life are those who find it most difficult to conceive a baby. Stress can trigger abnormalities or irregularities in the menstrual cycle that in turn can affect your ability to get pregnant.

During sexual intercourse, you should avoid any form of pressure worry too much about how to get pregnant. This will only cause undue stress interrupting your chances of conceiving a baby. Release your mind from worries and learn how to relax while making love.

• Feed your body with the right nutrients. This will help achieve the good balance of your hormones and regulate your ovulation. If you are overweight, it's about time to shed off your excess weight as this interfered with your capability to conceive.

It has also been proven that supplying your body with vitamins and minerals boosts your fertility rate. Among these vitamins and minerals are iron, selenium, folic acid, zinc, as well as vitamins B-6 & 12, C, and E. You can get them from fruits and vegetables or you can also take them as natural vitamin supplements in capsule form.

• Improve your lifestyle. Learn your limits and do not abuse your health. Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Get enough sleep. Exercise regularly. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle boosts your fertility rate.

The condition of your health determines the condition of your reproductive system. It is therefore important to keep your body healthy to optimize the functions of your reproductive system. Introduce positive changes to your lifestyle and start to live healthy.

The natural methods to boost your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving a baby are proven to be safe, effective, easy to follow, and economical. You do not have to spend much of your hard-earned money just to be able to beat your infertility. You just have to follow proven natural female infertility cure tips and see how these tips work to get your desired pregnancy.

Female Infertility for Herb

Dong Quai

Donq Quai has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is also known as Angelica in Western countries this prized female fertility herb is known as American Ginseng. It is a powerful herb to balance the female hormones. You can safely take it with other herbs.

False Unicorn Root

Many herbalists recommend this herb for female infertility problems. Take 1/4 to 1 tsp 3 times a day.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh has been noted to stimulate the ovaries. It should not be taken during pregnancy though, so make sure to stop it once you get pregnant.

Chaste Tree

Chaste berries from the Chaste tree are used to balance the female hormones and treat infertility. It can be safely taken with other herbal supplements.

Wild Yam

Not only does this herb restore fertility, but it increases libido. Take it along with other fertility


Licorice root evens out your period, and balances both estrogen and testosterone in your system. If you have irregular periods you definitely need to take this herb. Please don't eat large amounts of licorice candy and think that it will have the same effects on your fertility. Licorice candy is high in sugar and other additives and is not the same as taking the root as a supplement.

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