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AN ARIES WOMAN IN LOVE All or nothing Aries, so they say - well, when a Ram's in love, we certainly know about it! Ardent, passionate and very highly sexed, Aries is nothing if not forthright in romance. Women's Lib had to catch up with Aries women, who have been 'taking the initiative' in love since before the rest of us even knew what that meant! Sexually experimental, Aries just loves to make love, any time, any place - in fact, the more unusual the setting the better as they just love the extra spice provided by the danger of being caught. Speaking of danger, this is not the most faithful of signs, either. Both Aries men and women frequently play away from home, in fantasy if not in fact. But interestingly enough, both sexes are extremely emotionally faithful, which, they believe, is all that counts. You can always count on an Aries partner to defend his or her loved one against the rest of the world - yet with a quick temper and rash impulses, the Ram sometimes forgets that she can hurt her partner more than anyone else ever could.

A TAURUS WOMAN IN LOVE Taurus is the sign most likely to be best friends with a partner for many years before becoming lovers. An earthy sensuality makes for a very satisfying sex life, and Taureans make sensitive and thoughtful lovers. Jealousy and possessiveness can be a problem, however, especially in the Taurus woman. She values security and stability, and in her own way tries too hard to make sure her partner has no intention of threatening the peace. The Bull takes love very seriously indeed, and will think long and hard before making a commitment to anyone - but once that commitment is made, nothing on earth will tempt them to stray. This is both good and bad news - good news, of course, in a happy relationship, but rather bad news in a relationship which has clearly broken down. The obstinate Taurean buries her head in the sand and refuses to acknowledge the problem, which can make the rough patches in any relationship rather rougher - and more prolonged - than need be.

A GEMINI FEMALE IN LOVE Some news - Geminis like sex! I mention this as many believe this intellectual sign needs only mental stimulation in order to be happy. Nope. Inventive, sometimes even slightly kinky, Geminis make very humorous and relaxed lovers, and are actually quite highly sexed. Well, it gives them something to do with all that nervous energy! Although not particularly demonstrative in public, Geminis are very affectionate in private, although they are more likely to express this verbally than in touchy-feely ways. This sign also has a rather unfair reputation as the flirt of the zodiac - yes they flirt, but only in fun. They dislike emotional scenes and try very hard to keep a relationship balanced and happy. The Gemini is above all a people person, and she would much rather compromise than fight. She cannot cope with jealousy or smothering, though, and needs to be allowed the freedom to be herself. Any partner who doesn't understand that had better watch our for words that wound - biting sarcasm is the Gemini's ultimate weapon.

A CANCER WOMAN IN LOVE Sentimental, loving, gentle, meek Cancer. Sorry? Meek? Cancer is a cardinal sign, and for all its softer qualities, Cancerians wear the trousers in any relationship. Capable of forging extremely strong and lasting romantic bonds, the Cancer woman is nevertheless sometimes her own worst enemy. What she sees as kindness, others see as excessive mothering. What she sees as sentiment, others see as a refusal to grow within a partnership. And, above all, what she sees as 'just being interested', her partner might see as being nosy, suspicious and downright possessive. Cancerians are often in danger of killing with kindness, especially in love. Not particularly highly sexed, this lady enjoys making love so long as she's not expected to do party tricks. Romance is rated much higher than sex and sensuality, so courtships tend to be long. Once settled, however, the Cancerian is highly protective of their partner, and deeply sympathetic and supportive. The Cancer woman's sympathetic and motherly nature often leads her to fall for the classic 'my wife doesn't understand me' line in men committed elsewhere!

A LEO WOMAN IN LOVE Leos need approval in all areas of their life, and romance is no exception. The Leo woman wants to be loved, wooed and told how marvellous she is - and obeyed. Warm-hearted and sociable, Leo's have a reputation for marrying for status, money or power. Well, really, it's not their fault that things often turn out that way - is it? In all seriousness, Leo does tend to be the power behind the throne in any relationship, and takes a huge amount of pride in his or her partner. Looks are important, and the Leo in love will pay even more attention than usual to her hair, makeup and dress. She will equally expect her partner to make a similar effort, else she might lose interest at the first sign of an unpolished shoe. Sexually Leos are surprisingly fussy. The need for dignity at all times makes love in strange places or positions very unappealing to them - but in the right time and place, with the right partner, the Lion is a very sensual animal, extremely tactile, and generous to a fault in love-making. Partners need to make allowances for selfishness at other times, though!

A VIRGO WOMAN IN LOVE Virgo the Maiden, pure and chaste - or should that be chased? Virgos are surprisingly highly sexed, probably because this is an earth sign and, like Gemini, they have a great deal of energy at their disposal. A sense of the theatrical mean that Virgos love to act out their fantasies - but they are perfectly capable of having casual sex without love, or of being in love without much sex. Sex and love are quite separate issues for them. Many Virgos are shy, which can lead them into very demanding relationships, where they end up put-upon or even ill-treated, especially when young. The good news is that once Virgo has grown up a little, that infamous sense of discrimination comes into play and she is able to smell a rat at a very long distance. Virgos newly in love can be terribly nervous, worrying about everything from whether her dress is ok for this date, to whether and when she should ask to look at his bank statements. A genuine sense of modesty means that she often seem very mysterious and enigmatic, which makes her popular with members of the opposite sex who enjoy the chase!

A LIBRA WOMAN IN LOVE The natural state of a pair of scales is in balance - and so it is with Libra, especially the Libra in love. The diplomats and peace-makers of the zodiac cannot bear arguments and discord, and will go out of their way to smooth out the ruffles in a relationship, even to the extent of giving up their own personality if that's what pleases a more domineering partner. Romantic and starry-eyed, the Libra woman in love is all chocolate boxes and roses - until, that is, she discovers that her would-be partner squeezes the toothpaste from the wrong end. Woe betide the partner who doesn't live up to this sign's high standards in dress, grooming and hygiene. Always one to avoid a scene, however, it was probably a Libra woman who wrote the original 'Dear John' note - taking the easy way out, especially during tough times in a relationship, is perhaps this sign's biggest fault. Sexually very giving, Librans are adventurous lovers provided nothing offends their sense of aesthetic beauty. Some Librans, however, easily confuse sex with love, and are unable to show love in a non-sexual, affectionate way.

A SCORPIO WOMAN IN LOVE What to say about Scorpios in love, which hasn't already become the stuff of legend? Well, yes, Scorpios are passionate, but they are not as sexual as you might think. Scorpios need to be desired. They want to be wanted, and they also love to shock - the combination of a flirtatious exterior with deliberately provocative behaviour means that the Scorpio woman may earn herself a reputation as a bit of a vamp - which she never actually lives up to. The Scorpio woman in love is actually rather shy, nervous and terribly afraid of losing what she has. Extreme possessiveness and jealousy can make her rather hard to live with, and a strong sense of secrecy means that she often refuses to discuss minor issues until they have escalated into huge ones. In a happy relationship, however, the Scorpio is deeply loyal and also very trusting. Highly emotional and afraid of being hurt, some Scorpio women flit from sexual encounter to sexual encounter, without really allowing themselves to fall in love. If he doesn't really know her, she reasons, he can't hurt her. If only that were true.

A SAGITTARIUS WOMAN IN LOVE Free-spirited Sagittarius often takes a while to decide whether he or she wants a relationship or not. Love, they decide, is not all it is cracked up to be. An intense need for freedom means that this is the sign most likely to live alone - partners may come and go, but it takes a lot for Sagittarius to make a lifetime commitment to one person. When they do, partners are often exotic, foreign or married, as this all adds spice to the relationship, and helps to keep the restless Sagittarian from moving on. Never lonely, thanks to an infectiously cheerful attitude, the Sagittarian may eventually find love from within her wide circle of friends and acquaintances. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is quite highly sexed, and loves to experiment in love-making. Nothing is too weird or wacky for life's philosophers, who will put even the oddest request down to experience! Having said that, Sagittarius women, in particular, are quite capable of living without sex for long periods of time, even in an established relationship. Their minds and days are busy, and often it turns into a case of 'if sex is on offer then great, if not, then who cares?'

A CAPRICORN WOMAN IN LOVE Capricorns often seem to have old heads on young shoulders - for the Capricorn in love it could well be an older head on older shoulders. Many Capricorns delay serious romantic relationships until quite late in life, being fearful of making a dreadful mistake. Outwardly rather shy and aloof, partners often fall for the Goat's wonderful sense of humour, which slowly comes to light as they relax. Not overtly sexual, many Capricorns are strong traditionalists, who dislike sex outside of a committed relationship. Certainly not generally one to sow her wild oats, the Capricorn woman values trust above all else in a relationship - although she's likely to cast a furtive eye over her catch's bank balance too, as financial security is terribly important to her. Once settled into a relationship, Capricorns are very giving, often devoting themselves to organising and managing a loved one's life, leaving little time for their own interests. It's not true that a Capricorn will put career interests before family - they are actually acutely aware of the importance of balance and compromise, and will always work hard to find a solution that suits the whole family. Great parents!

AN AQUARIUS WOMAN IN LOVE Aquarians need human contact - but they don't necessarily need love. Extraordinarily self-sufficient, thissign values friendship and shared interests way above romance and fluffiness. In fact, many of them actively dislike anything 'soppy' and will quickly walk away from a partner who seems to be too clingy or emotional. Not entirely at home with their own emotions, let alone anyone else's, Aquarians sometimes find it difficult to express their feelings, especially when in love. Sexually, the Aquarian is often either disinterested or extremely inventive - and either way, they expect a partner to fit in with their needs and desires rather than the other way round. Provided her partner can deal with her slightly distant manner, the Aquarian in love is relaxed, fun to be with and very tolerant. The aloof attitude disguises a deeper insecurity about love in general, and this sign is very cautious before they finally let themselves fall in love. Certainly not one to flirt or play dangerous games with someone else's partner, the Aquarian, once committed, is the most faithful of all signs.

A PISCES WOMAN IN LOVE For pure romance, you can't find purer than a Pisces in love. Candlelit dinners, pillow fights, bubble baths and walks in the rain - watching a Piscean in love is a delightful experience. Pisces does not distinguish between love and sex, because the two are inseparable for them. Practically incapable of casual sex, the Pisces woman is on the other hand a highly accomplished lover with her steady partner. Pisces particularly enjoys fantasy in love-making, and, for a sign reputed to be shy and sensitive, certainly likes to take the lead in enjoying new experiences with her partner. Piscean moodiness can however make for a difficult atmosphere at home when all is not going well. Ultra-sensitive, Pisces' emotions are triggered off at the slightest thing, and watching her going through a traumatic love affair is nearly as upsetting as going through it yourself. Surprisingly though, many Pisceans have at least one affair during the course of a long-term relationship, and many justify this on the grounds that it strengthened their main partnership. Hmm. Sometimes not as fragile as they would have you believe, this sign has a particularly cruel streak when angered, and also bears grudges against a partner for a very long time indeed.



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