Female Low Sexual Drive, Change On Bed
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"I am changed on bed. Low sexual drive, Low Libido or complain about a headache."

More and more women try to find help when they are discouraged sexually. Look support from friends, professional’s health, such as psychiatrists and gynecologists. Rarely open with their partners because they felt threatened the stability of their relationships.

Often, they adopt the old attitude of fight or flight. That is, either fighting the problem by insisting on their sexual relationship, although not pleasant, pretending enjoyment and orgasm, which leaves the partner out of touch and excluded as support, or escape the sexual contact as the devil flees from the cross , complaining of headaches, fatigue and irritation, avoiding the support of the partner, which often feels rejected.

Often the problem is moved to the companion, seen as their enemy responsible for the loss of desire. Depression is a frequent consequence and marital conflict is the next step. What is Lack of sexual desire? Identify lack of Sexual Desire this sexual disorder that affects on average approx 25% of the population. It is characterized by a decrease or complete absence of erotic fantasies and desire for sexual activity. There are difficulties in engaging with the partner, because it complains about lack of intimacy or reciprocity. Factors for Lack of sexual desire: Several factors can determine the low sexual desire. Among the organic factors, we must give attention to hormonal imbalances. The increase in prolactin, the decrease in testosterone or estrogen, can cause a significant reduction in sexual motivation.

When there is infection in the vagina or nodules, the improvement of these tables, with appropriate treatment restore sexual desire.

Another major factor to decrease the desire is depression. Intense sadness and feelings of depression end up with the sexual appetite. The treatment of these disorders with antidepressants can restore the previous sexual desire. Unfortunately, most of these medications may cause sexual side effects in the short and long term, such as decreased desire, impotence, delayed ejaculation and anorgasmia. Social and psychological factors have much weight in Lack of sexual desire: The form of the creation of women in western countries with much repression and cultural influences negative when it comes to sexuality brought profound consequences for the emotional life and sexual mutilation. A woman is not as encouraged to see, to touch and know each other sexually when compared to men. Educated to not allow female sexuality came to light.

Complaints of low libido and depression are not uncommon after childbirth. A woman goes to see and be seen as a being idolized, pure, devoid of sexual attractiveness. Passing to deny the sexual side in favor of being a mother.

Traumatic sexual abuse, anti-sex messages during their childhood, guilt, seductive behavior by parents, difficulty in uniting love with sex in itself and X wife prostitute, anger between the couple and feared competition with the parent, among others, are sources of low libido in women.

Lack of sexual desire is one of the most difficult disorders to treat because it usually affects the individual for many years, as people endure long to search for help. It is often caused by psychosocial factors, and the rare cases of organic.

Others are deeper problems of self-esteem, guilt and repression.

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