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Andaman is acknowledged as one of the finest tourist destinations in India. Know about this finest place for luxury honeymoon.

Acknowledged as one of the finest tourist destinations in India it is an experience of lifetime to spend luxury holiday in Andaman. Andaman and Nicobar islands is a Union Territory of India, it is spread over an area of 770 sq km situated in Indian Ocean, is finest place for luxury holiday. Previously related with terror and punishment during British rule, these islands were used to captivate Indian freedom fighters to keep them confined and aloof from entire country. But today this place see national and international tourist in millions every year who come for luxury holiday in Andaman and return back with enchanting memories of natural beauty and warmth of people to stay with them forever.

One of the most popular tourist places in Andaman, which is an integral part of every tourist's itinerary coming for holiday, is cellular jail. This Jail was specially designed by British architects to imprison Indian freedom fighters and its design is such that just few guards can keep an eye on entire jail. This jail holds many stories related to many great Indian freedom fighters who were imprisoned here. This jail also has some spooky places like the place where prisoners were hanged to death on the charges of indiscipline or trying to get out of prison. Whatever may be the reason but tourists coming for luxury holiday in Andaman do visit this place without fail.

Apart from cellular jail Andaman offers many other tourist destinations to make luxury holiday in Andaman a time to remember. Marine museum, Anthropology museum and Fisheries museum are other most visited places in Andaman which sees tourist influx in large number. Anthropological museum displays lifestyle and weaponry of aborigines to pull maximum tourist coming for holiday in Andaman. Natural beauty is scattered all over the Andaman and Nicobar islands in its pure form. Being an island, it offers many water sports to entertain travelers during their luxury holiday in Andaman, adventurous activities like Snorkeling can be done at Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park, Carbyn’s cove tourism complex and Havelock islands whereas tourist can go to Andaman scuba club to enjoy Scuba diving during holiday in Andaman. Lagoon cruises and elephant safari are other attractions in Andaman for adventurous visitors during their holiday.

Most of the tourists plan their luxury holiday in Andaman between the months of November of January as during this period few great festivals are celebrated in Andaman, Annual Island Tourism festival organized in the month of December and January hold many cultural performances, exhibitions and water sports competition and later at Havelock islands Subhash Mela and at Neil islands Vivekanand Mela is celebrated which entertains visitors during their luxury holiday in Andaman. Varied and rare wildlife is something which is unmatchable in Andaman, this places has many wildlife sanctuaries, tribal reserves and National parks preserving over 110 species which are classified as near extinct. Tourists coming for luxury holiday in Andaman get wiped off completely by the rich and unique animal and aquatic life of this place. Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and has many markets which provide many special things of this place to keep as souvenir of luxury holiday in Andaman.

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