First Accident In My Life
Sunny • on 13 years ago • 3 min read

Yesterday the day was cool and I am working on my pc and it's 5 O Clock in the evening, I heard a voice sandeep.. sandeep.. it's my dad calling me. He asked me to drop him at my uncle's place. I took my bike out from the garage and started riding.

I am riding and enjoying the cool side of the roads and chating with my dad. There was much traffic on the either side of roads, everything fine until now. To my surprise, an autorikshaw rose ten feet high in the sky and fell on us. My dad fell on the other side of the road (lucky no other vehicles coming on that side) and i had a good summersault (which i was dreaming from years...). I stood up immediately, my dad was saying "somebody take me to the hospital.." No sooner, I called another auto, people gathered and I found good number of scratches here and there on my body, than I left conscious.

I was just lying in the auto but able to hear what's going on, someone sprinkled water on my face and i drunk some. I was a bit conscious and we were rushed to hospital.

We were moved to an hospital near to our house Citi care hospital, the people are really nice they attended immediately and had a first aid to us.

By this time I got into full concious, a sister is dressing my wounds and a doctor is taking care of my dad. I felt bit relaxed. My mobile turned ringing it's my friend kiran asking where're you I said "I met an accident and i am in hospital now". He took the address and turned up in 30 mins. Meanwhile, i called up to my brother and my uncles they came in 10 mins.

Still my dad had a great pain in his right hand (i mean shoulder) we thought it was just sprain and called for a bone specialist and he was directed to take x-rays. It has been confirmed that there's a minor facture in his right shoulder. He was moved to another hospital and dressed and need to dressed for 3 weeks. I felt very bad only for one thing I never saw my dad having a bandage on his body; he was a sports person and had good health. He lifts 100kgs at age of 56 now.

It's an prime experience to both of us. Even I don't have any accidents in my 10 yrs of driving.


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