First Night After Marriage
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Today, the wedding night has lost its original meaning. In our time, most married couples have slept together or had sex before marriage. However, many people still attach importance to this first night as newlyweds, after the party. They then seek a special room just for this particular night, rent a nice hotel room, benefits with "Groom" (petals on the bed, champagne offered ...).

On the other hand, come couples for religious or personal reasons; choose not to entertain an intimate night before the wedding night. For these people, the wedding night has all its importance, since this is the first night when they discover their bodies and know their first embraces.


This folder is aimed at first as the second pairs, to assist the first to organize a wedding night romantic and memorable, and the latter to prepare the first night in two, do not dramatize the wedding night but by preparing their future married life, including sexual.

The wedding night is your first night together

• If your wedding night is the first night you spend together, we strongly recommend that you have discussed before, as a couple. In fact, you probably fears, apprehensions, doubts on that first night, but also your future sex life. • On the other hand, should not that you focus on the wedding night, putting you in the head that will inevitably be your "first time". • In fact, you may be very tired after the wedding, which will add to the stress of that first night two. The "firsts" is generally rarely successful, you could get blocked and guilt, which would be wrong to start your married life. • Say you have plenty of time to discover you sexually, and that choosing your wedding night, going to bed very late, is not necessarily the best idea. You will have all the time, the first month of your life together, to discover the sex of your couple. Take advantage of this first hand at night to take the time to discover you, and why not sleep huddled against each other, which is already great, if it's the first time!

Tips and ideas for a romantic wedding night

• We give you first the same advice for a couple from their first night together: do not focus too much on the success of your wedding night! In fact, you may stay up late and being very tired .. Better to enjoy the party and your guests until the end, rather than forcing you on principle to have sex! You do what you want in the morning! • That said, intimate night or not, nothing prevents you from doing this night after night wedding a memorable and special. • You can therefore choose carefully the room to house your wedding night, choosing a hotel nearby. Many hotels and bed and breakfast (and maybe even the reception room you choose) offer rooms for honeymooners. Special services are usually offered: champagne and fruit basket in room, romantic decor, raised petals on the bed ... Cliché, but so romantic! • You can also get your first breakfast young couple at the hotel; why not serve in your room. Nothing like a romantic breakfast to start his married life, right? • If you choose to spend your wedding night at home (as is the case with most couples), you will have taken care to prepare your room in advance: new sheets (or at least own), candles, bouquets of flowers, soft lighting ... Spoil yourself!

Finally, you have scheduled a special this great day: new underwear for Monsieur, pretty baby doll for the lady or downright sexy lingerie (and matching garter belt worn under your wedding dress, garter ....). Regarding the materials, it will be an opportunity to venture silk, lace or satin!

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